Got a terrible migrane girls, can barely see a thing. So no new posts for now whilst I take a nap and sleep it off tonight. Bear with me, I’ve got some gorgeous goodies to show you. A couple of Hedex and Berroca will sort me out for tomorrow!

Gone Fishing!


Ok, so I have actually been gone all weekend – did you notice? Back to business tomorrow but travelling all day today. Did you know you can keep up to date with my innane shenanigans here? Well you can! Tweet Me!

Blog Sale Times & Date


Come, come you have to be quick to make it to the blog sale! Decided on post it on Saturday 9th January at 8pm GMT*. I originally planned it for Sunday, BUT, people have to go to work the day after and are going to bed a bit earlier etc. so on Sat I have […]

Reader HALP! Beauty Terms You’d Like to Know


Hi ladies Need your help. Compiling a beauty dictionary/glossary. There are so many potential beauty terms out there to include, but aso more obscure ones. I don’t want to miss anything out (although it can be updated all the time of course). So, from the desk of Miss Candy and her Meows, please let me […]

Happy New Year 2010!

Guys, just to wish you all a very Happy New Year and hoping 2010 will be a great one for you as I hope it will be for me. I’m excited! 2010 has a real ring to it and its also the Year of the Tiger. Have I found my inner Tiger? *in a Joey […]

Back from hibernation & New Years Resolutions

It’s been quiet on the Candy front as I’ve been catching up on sleep. By catching up I mean 13 hours in bed, which I can conclude, makes me even more sleepy and ten times more groggy than my usual 4 hours! I’ve realised that with this weeks resting, that its important to have a […]

Merry Christmas To You!

Christmas Day is here! Happy Christmas to you! May you eat to excess and open lots of prezzies that don’t need to be sold on eBay. In seriousness, thank you for visiting my humble blog, thanks for commenting and sharing your views, however bizarre or humiliating, however digressive or non relevant. Your discussion and debates […]

Let’s talk…..

Hey guys… I have had so many emails and comments lately that its been hard to keep up. That and many other things I have to take care of means I may have missed some of your emails, comments, requests… So let’s talk! If there’s a comment you think I didn’t answer, or an email […]

5 Day Giveaway Announcement!

Hey Gals! Starting from today, Sunday 20th December to Thursday 24th December, I will be giving away one gift set a day. I am experimenting with Twitter competitions, as I’ve never done them before! So there will be 2 ways to enter – using Twitter or leaving a comment (if you don’t have a Twitter […]

Dearie Me: Comments & Emails

I’ve been rubbish at responding to comments & emails lately – apologies. With it coming up to Christmas things are hectic at work & home and if I have time I have decided to do some posts first so there is something new everyday. But fret not! Will be working through all comments this weekend […]

Stay Up To Date with Cosmetic Candy

Have you subscribed to Cosmetic Candy yet? Christmas is going to be busy for posts so to make sure you don’t miss anything – reviews, videos, giveaways etc. subscribe to the daily feed to keep up to date with whats new (maximum 1 email per day). Enter your email address: Don’t forget to check your […]

Postman is coming to getcha!

Hallo my lovely ladies, After much hard work at the Candy HQ I have lots of beautifully wrapped….well….wrapped packages ready to go for Blog Sale people, Competitions Winners and CPs. Please do check to see if a parcel is headed your way. With it being December, some delays are inevitable but at leas this way […]

Something for the weekend….

Guys, guys what a busy week its been. Organising myself this week (its been so busy at work) so hopefully will get lots of fab content up on the blog for the rest of xmas…. Meanwhile you must enter my Karin Herzog Skincare Giveaway – its a fab one – you will get an entire […]

Email. Denied.

Just a note – thankfully a reader alerted me to the fact that the contact form was faulty and it has now been changed to another one – but to be clear, anything that has been sent to me in the last month or so I DID NOT RECEIVE! So please, if you have tried […]

Holidays are coming!….

….and it can’t come quickly enough, that’s all I can say. Do you like the blogs festive look? Posting will resume to normal very shortly. Keep a look out for out special giveaways popping up through the week – some really lovely palettes and goodies I have as prizes. If you are coming over for […]

Blog Sale & Preview List Announcement!

Why, oh why I ask myself – make no mistake, blog sales are stressful! But it went pretty well last time so – I am subjecting myself to another blog sale to make some space and hopefully, I won’t have to do another for quite a while! The blog sale will be on Thursday December […]

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