Notice to Christmas competition winners!….


Ladies & Gents, Whilst some of you have been in touch to say you got your xmas prizes, a few ladies have also told me they haven’t. Some of the prizes were out of stock after Christmas so the PR companies are catching up and assure me they will be on their way shortly. I posted out a batch myself weeks ago which seems to have gone AWOL but since 2 ladies have confirmed their […]

Happy Chinese New Year!


Too much celebrating going on at the moment, because today is Chinese New Year and it’s the Year of the Rabbit! How I wish I was in Asia celebrating! Traditionally, unmarried folk like myself get money from elders, but as I’ve got older, people are more likely to say “Do you seriously want me to give you some money?” (Yes, mother). So tell me, will you be celebrating Chinese new year? I usually spend time […]

Christmas Giveaway Winners List!


Been a bit busy at work so have only just had the chance to pick the winners of the Christmas Giveaway. So here it is! All winners have been contacted by email. Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways this month! I’m going to try and answer as much comments as possible too this weekend. Would a chat box of some sort be useful I wonder? I seem to miss comments by accident. Let me […]

Blog Sale Update!


Just so you know, the blog sale has been updated and sold items have been marked off. UK Ladies – your parcels will be sent out very shortly, I hope you get them before Christmas. Feel free to email me when your items arrive or if there are any problems (it’s the best way to get my attention not Twitter!). International Ladies – because of the snow situation in the UK I am going to […]

Announcement: Blog Sale Tonight & Lash Store Open!


Hallo ladies, Just a reminder that the blog sale is going live tonight at 7.30pm GMT with discounts on old items (well 99% of them) and lots of new items too. Shipping as always is true to cost and with handling fees, and will always be combined. Sweets are as always, included. Also I wanted to let you know that I am selling new fake lashes on Cosmetic Candy Shop (which used to be up […]

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