Blog Sale and Hostgator Hosting Pants


Sorry, Sorry, If you logged on earlier to access the blog sale, the site completely crashed. This happens when there is too many people trying to view the site at the same time. I have fairly substantial hosting but even that wasn’t enough… This happened before and I upgraded accordingly, now I’ve had to upgrade […]

Video No. 1: Introductions, How do you do?

So I got cold feet yesterday (or was it the day before?) about posting the video we made over the weekend, mainly because I look like I’ve had 20 pints beforehand (I don’t drink) and sound like I’ve smoked 50 cigarettes (I don’t smoke). And God knows what people will make of the addition of […]

Trying is better than not Trying: Beauty No Buy FYI


*UPDATE* = Ok ok I admit that I bought a Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer today and their Powder Puff. But its a moisturizerrrr! Skincare doesn’t count! Ladies! Today I am making a declaration – a declaration of NO BUY for the next month! A month, you scoff? That’s nothing! But you are talking […]

Randomness No. 1: New Health & Beauty Goals

I’ve decided I have three health and beauty (albeit shallow) goals: 1. Lose weight (that old chestnut) properly. 2. Look after my skin properly. 3. Grow my hair properly. Fatty Can you believe I haven’t been abroad for the last 4-5 years? Life and work has got in the way but I am determined to […]

New Blog Layout: Your View!


Jump for joy! As you can see there’s a new look to Cosmetic Candy – its been a long time coming! We are still tweaking and adding things so the site is not 100% ready but its getting there. If you have any feedback I’d love to hear it… Is something not working? Anything you […]

Happy Birthday Mr Candy!


Mr Candy is celebrating his birthday today – he is an ancient 28 so has been granted a day off by me. I’m nice like that. We’ll be relaxing at a swish hotel, having some food and catching some much needed Zzzzz’s. Have a fab weekend girls!

March = Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Lip Tar and Kittens in Cups


Nothing important really….. Just wanted to say its March, its Spring, its Easter Egg Chow Down Time! Don’t forget, OCC’s Obsessive Compulsive Lip Glosses are now up on the Make Up Artist Boutique website for pre orders. Use the code: CANDYOCC for 10% off pre orders baby! Stay with me throughout March, we have lots […]

Comment Chaos at Casa Cosmetic Candy


Just to let you know, I am TRYING to reply to comments but everything is faulty. Trying to fix, will respond to comments as soon as. Meanwhile, make sure you didn’t miss the Lucky Dip Giveaway, or the Shine Spray Giveaway! Keep Commenting! I love to read your comments, they give me something to think […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Wishing you lots of love and cuddles on Valentines Day. Remember guys, Valentines day is not all about boyfriends and girlfriends, roses and diamonds, massage oil and Ann Summers knickers. Its about the Marks and Spencer Dine in for £20! Yeah!

New Feature of Cosmetic Candy!


New feature for you! Mr Candy built me this yesterday! If you could just look UP towards the header: Click on the Daily Photo to see the random daily pic and leave a comment if you like/dislike! Any other features you’d like to see, let me know!

Diets are Boring


Listening to someone talking about their diet is as interesting as listening to someone tell you about the dream they had last night – completely irrelevant and usually unnecessarily detailed… So I’ll keep it short. I am trying out something called the Harcombe Diet for the next month. If it works, I’ll let you know […]

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