Cosmetic Candy Shop: Open! And Giveaway News!


You may have already noticed the little logo at the corner of the header, with a link to Cosmetic Candy Shop! We’ve been building it bit by bit for ages and bug testing – it seems to be working fine so I officially announce it as – OPEN! Here’s the stuff we sell. There’s quite a lot so you may be clicking around for a bit! There’s a free gift when you spend over £5 […]

Just a note: Changing hosts and inevitable problems…


Just a quick note to let you know that I am changing hosts this weekend, (a bit of a last minute decision but I felt that Hostgator was letting me down too much for the price of the hosting!) so there will inevitably be a few jerks as things fall into place. Some of the latest posts and comments may disappear, as may some photographs so we will do everything we can to retrieve them. […]

Comment Update…


Thanks so much for all your feedback on the blog redesign. We are taking comments in heed and fixing what we can as we go along. As I said in the last update post, I have a few other surprises to spring on you in the upcoming weeks so it is a very busy time! I am also finally going to get round to answering comments very shortly! I haven’t had time but I will […]

New Blog Design! Feedback Please


Guys, I decided the old blog design was a bit messy, so I hope you like this new fresh look. We’ve added new functions and things but please let me know in the comments if: a. Anything is broken b. If something that you previously used is missing c. If you can think of any features you’d like added Here’s to a fresh start. x

Blog Sale Shipping Update


Thanks to you if you purchased from the last blog sale a few weeks ago and this is just a note to let you know your item has been sent. UK ladies should already have theirs although there was the extremely long holiday weekends holding things back! International ladies please give it 2 weeks from this date for your parcel to arrive. I have all tracking numbers so if your parcel is taking excessively long […]

Happy Birthday Mr C: My song dedication to you

Mr C is really really really old today and I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday because he’s such a narcissist he loves to be mentioned on the blog. This is for you, especially 4.05: The rest of you, please stick with it. The last 40 seconds is a musical gift from God to our ears. I’m off to the Aquarium today and hopefully the Folli Follie shop. How cool is it that Gaile […]

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011!


Happy Valentine’s Ladies! How on earth are we already halfway through February!? Anyway have fun on Valentine’s day, whether it be with your partner or another loved one of choice! What are you up to tonight?!

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