Announcement: We got to 3000 Posts!


In my fragile state, I only just noticed that we hit our 3,000th post! That’s a lot of blogging! Many thanks for reading! Must do a giveaway to celebrate this, how about some YSL? Come back tomorrow! x

Christmas Giveaway Winners List!


Been a bit busy at work so have only just had the chance to pick the winners of the Christmas Giveaway. So here it is! All winners have been contacted by email. Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways this month! I’m going to try and answer as much comments as possible too this weekend. […]

Merry Christmas 2010 from Cosmetic Candy!


Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas 2010. Hope you all have lots to eat, gets lots of treats and treat others, have a great time playing the Nintendo Wii with your nanas’ and stay very very warm. Many Kisses from Casa Candy x

Blog Sale Update!


Just so you know, the blog sale has been updated and sold items have been marked off. UK Ladies – your parcels will be sent out very shortly, I hope you get them before Christmas. Feel free to email me when your items arrive or if there are any problems (it’s the best way to […]

Announcement: Blog Sale Tonight & Lash Store Open!


Hallo ladies, Just a reminder that the blog sale is going live tonight at 7.30pm GMT with discounts on old items (well 99% of them) and lots of new items too. Shipping as always is true to cost and with handling fees, and will always be combined. Sweets are as always, included. Also I wanted […]

Monday Morning Annoucement: Sleepy Bear


It’s Monday morning…again! Been busy, been tired with much to plan. So please excuse the lack of posts today. This is how I am feeling: I will get on with posting tonight and answering comments! There will be a great giveaway this week and lots of fun prizes to win in December, as well as […]

Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary To Me!


3 years ago I got kind of bored and decided to start blogging about one of my hobbies – make up! My first ever blog post is called ‘A Poke In The Eye‘, later superseded by 5 Mascaras that hurt if you poke yourself in the eye. See, the wit was there from the start […]

Reader Help: Are you having Technical Problems?


Hi Ladies, Did you know it will be my 3rd year blog anniversary this coming Sunday!? I need to think of some fab things for the day to celebrate my 3 years of….very little sleep! Anyway I need your help. A few readers (thanks guys!) have reported to me that they have this problem when […]

Announcements: Comment Moderation


So I’m on a little break, which will probably end up with me over eating and pacing up and down the side of the pool wondering if everything is ok…but still. Just to let you know Comment Moderation is on whilst I’m away because there are just so many Mac Hot Sell comments I can […]

Announcments: Updated Comments Policy


Just thought I would highlight your attention to the new Comments Policy page . You will find the permanent link to this at the top of the page. By the way, thanks to the readers who have already submitted content to the blog! So many pictures of cats! I will be getting back to you […]

Sunday Chit Chat & Upcoming Posts…

Hi Ladies, How is your weekend going?! I wish I was doing this… But alas no rest for the wicked. This weekend I am catching up on work I haven’t had time to do in the week and planning a holiday – oh yes! It’s been a long while since I’ve had one of those. […]

Thankyou & Winners of the Kiss Nail Kit!

Ok girls, the three winners chosen at random of the Kiss Fake Nail Set are: 1. Harpreet 2. Huong and 3. Danielle Graves Ladies, please email me your address and I will get the kits sent out to you! On another note, Cosmetic Candy got 5,000 visitors yesterday – that’s amazing, so thankyou for reading […]

Blog Sale Moving Home!


I’ve decided to move the blog sale pages to Blogspot! Good old blogspot! From This Blog! The reasons are: 1. As some of you will know every time I did a blog sale, the site would crash! This meant I had to spent the evening on the phone with the hosts, I would then have […]

Announcements: Going Away!


Just for a few days. Posting will be a little sporadic. Looking forward to spending some time with Mr C in the sunshine and curbing my addiction to the internet. Had a mad week – have you had a good week? Have dealt with the death of a close friend, but there is also some […]

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