Rose-y Cheeks: Anna Sui Face Accent G Blusher in Bronze & White Review


Hello Anna Sui! I remember when Anna Sui was sold in Boots the chemist. Unfortunately it was ignored, and as a result it was banished from British shores. The range can now be purchased online and the newest Anna Sui releases are delicious – gorgeously packaged, sweet smelling, pretty. I purchased two Face Accent Colors a while ago. They aren’t called ‘blushers’ you philistine – they’re ‘face colours’ presumably because they do more then make […]

Super Funky Lipstick! Anna Sui Lip Rouge V and D! Swatches and Review


A few months ago I purchased a load of goodies from Anna Sui – such a pretty make up range but quite hard to purchase over here in the UK. I bought 2 of the lipsticks.  Anna Sui Lipsticks come in various textures, indicated in the name, as a lot of Japanese brands tend to do. So you have: Lip Rouge D – Dazzle (very sparkly and sheer) Lip Rouge G – Glossy (rich glossy […]

Prettiest Compact, Ever: Anna Sui Eye Color Duo Review


I remember when they used to sell Anna Sui make up in Boots, then one day, the brand was gone. Such a shame! Anna Sui has always been alive and well in Japan though and their recent launch – these Eyeshadow Duos had such pretty packaging that I just had to indulge in one. Took me a while to hunt it down (and for it to arrive! Thanks Royal Mail) but it got here in […]

5 Weird & Wonderful Lip Glosses for Weekend

It’s not all about your peachy pinks, your pink beige, milky beige, cherry reds and juicy oranges. Glosses come in all kinds of colours! I had a rummage though my lipgloss draw and found 5 of my most unusual colours. I nicked the style of lip photo from Karen at Make Up & Beauty Blog, it looks good and it means I don’t need to take a separate product and lip swatch image. 1. Lancome […]

Anna Sui Collection 2008

Anna Sui released its latest collection for Spring on the 10th January. Some of the more interesting items is the limited edition glitter gloss, which comes in blue, yellow and red, and five glitter eye sticks: (Pic from Being a girl who loves gold, I indulged in the yellow gloss and eye stick (both called 800): The lid of the case: The stick itself: You can’t beat Anna Sui for beautiful packaging: Lipgloss: I […]

Mascara Mission Post 6: Asciene & Anna Sui Waterproof

Ok, so maybe it takes a lot of dedication to test 30 mascaras out, and a lot of red eye. Nevertheless, I have plodded and decided to kill two birds with one stone.. First up Asciene Gentle PV Mascara: The point of Asciene is that is it a range for sensitive skins, so this mascara, although very fibery shouldn’t irritate the eyes, or be hard to take off: The teal eye again: Now to be […]

What Arrived In The Post…

Hurrah! I did recieve two items in the post today – I am suspecting there is a large bag somewhere with the rest of my bits and pieces, but nevertheless, today I got my purchases from an excellent Ebay seller, 88beauty. My two limited edition Shu Uemura Palettes – I also loved the rosy tone of this Anna Sui Lipstick (even though I’m normally a nude girl) – In the flesh, it is quite a […]

Anna Sui Glitter Lipsticks

Anna Sui Cosmetics used to be on Sale in the UK in Boots but sadly no more, although the make up can be bought from Strawberrynet and also Ebay. The packaging is so unique and cute; black enamel and the motif of roses. For some reason I felt tempted by these two lipsticks, even though the are made with thick glitter: I remember these from when I was 17! Because I am doing the lipstick […]

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