I have to say, I didn’t have much hope when I spotted the dude with yarn on his face. But listen ladies, and you will fall in love. Oh it helps if you spent 95% of your childhood playing on a Nintendo Gameboy like me, because your Asian parents replaced interaction with consoles and pirated games.

Maybe I am just emotional today? This song brings a tear to my eye, maybe because someone gets to be loved by him (and it’s not me).

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  1. says

    That’s beautiful. I wish someone would write haunting love-songs for me like the one this guy wrote for Yoshi. 😉

    The taped-on moustache is the perfect touch.

    Makes sense. By ‘parents’ I’m assuming you mean ‘television’ and by ‘interaction’, I’m assuming you mean meaningful programming content.

    I was more of a Sega gal. I loved Sonic the Hedgehog and Disney’s “World of Illusion”. Good stuff. Seems to have rotted my mind thoroughly.