Sweet Cheeks: Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish Blusher Review

Visee is a Japanese beauty brand which isn’t qute high end (like Lunasol or MAQUillage) but not as cheap, I think as Majolica Majorca and KATE.

I haven’t had much luck with Visee, there’s nothing from their range that I love, but this cute Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish Blush looked too cute not to buy (there’s a lot of “mineral’ stuff out at the moment in Japan!).

Pretty! I choose PK-4:


I actually chose PK-4 because pretty much all of the other colours were sold out. Well, gotta try something new!

The packaging is a cheap but pretty plastic case, no mirror inside:


You get 4 shades inside, a dark hue, medium, light sparkly and a highlighter. All in one place which is handy – reminds me of the far more expensive Jill Stuart one. #alttext#

It looks like it is going to be chalky, and it isn’t really, it’s not creamy but it’s a nice mix of being pigmented and glowy.

The swatch doesn’t quite show the colours as well as I’d like but you get an idea of the pigmentation levels:


On the downside overall the blusher can be quite shimmery. If you concentrate on the darkest shade then that’s not too bad but mix in too much of the highlighter at your peril!

PK4 I thought would be too pale on my face but in fact it’s very natural:


I like this blusher actually, I guess because I can use it in a number of ways with the highlighter on the top of the cheek bone etc.

I’d recommend this for all skintones too.

I bought this from adambeauty.com for about £10 (not that cheap!).

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  1. Jen says

    Love how pretty the blusher looks and also love how it looks on your cheeks…I tend to go for light pinks like this, they seem to brighten up my face :)

    • Row says

      Hi Jen!

      😀 thanks. Yeh I’v estopped buying dull browns an am going for pretty pinks instead! x

  2. says

    This is super pretty. I keep meaning to look into Japanese and Korean brands and being tempted by your blog! Haha, I’m scared once I start buying these brands I won’t be able to stop, lol!

    • Row says

      Hi TGW – Oh no. It’s very addictive, asian make up is super cute, affordable and rather brill! x