Sweeping Statement Time: Men think we wear too much make up

I was reading The Daily Mail (I admit it ok – you should too) and guess what? Today they’ve decided that “millions” of men think we wear too much make up and prefer the natural look.

They chose pretty extreme examples of those who do like to cake it on – Jordan, Xtina, for example:

make up.jpg

Yes, its pretty tranny-rific, but they are also celebrities and are out doing their photoshoot thing, not like they are heading out to Asda.

For today they preferred the ‘natural’ look of Maniston (which as we know, takes a long time to achieve – her base is a flawless combination of primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, highlighter I’m sure):

Bad news Katie Price! Millions of men think women wear too much-make up and prefer the natural look | Mail Online.jpg

Apparently a spokesperson for St Ives (remember their Apricot Scrub? Or was at someone else? Anyway…) says:‘For many guys, makeup can act as a barrier between them and their partner, and it seems they simply prefer their women to go natural.

‘But it’s interesting to see that the majority of men were reluctant to admit this to their partner.

Well, when I asked Mr Candy in all honesty he does prefer me natural as opposed to when I am done up in my glitter and liner (I love glitter and liner!). But at the same time he understands that I just feel a lot better with some make up on, so thats fine for him.

I certainly don’t have a problem seeing him with nothing on (my face) at all, I’ve even made him squeeze my spots before so it makes no difference to me.

‘This seems to be part of a bigger issue between the genders as many women also admitted they weren’t happy with their skin condition.

‘So it would appear that women are wearing makeup to hide bad skin, not simply to impress the opposite sex.

‘If women felt more confident that their skin was in good condition they wouldn’t need to wear so much make-up to cover up.’

I certainly do slap on more base if I have redness or acne. I would love to have better skin overall so that less base was needed in the future. Its the way my mum brought me up to look after me skin – treat it from the inside and aim for clear skin – but I’ve lapsed in the last few years.

Its also quite a long process, if you have skin problems, to find the right skincare, to drink more water, to eat better, to cut out bad habits like smoking and drinking. Its worth it though, in the end!

By the way, you know if a Daily Mail piece is written on the whim and is a pointing slightly in the direction of bullsh*t because no one will put their name to it, it will just say:

Bad news Katie Price! Millions of men think women wear too much-make up and prefer the natural look | Mail Online-1.jpg

Uh-huh. The intern probably did it on her lunch break.

Anyway here’s the Daily Mail List:


1. Lipstick on teeth – Yes, when I wear red

2. Too much blusher – Yes when I apply it in the dark

3. Thick foundation – If my skin is red raw I do pile on the foundation

4. Panda eyes – Yes, all the time

5. Clumpy mascara – Yes, cos I rotate mascara so much

6. Bright lipstick – YES! Love a bit of hot pink but men are terrified of bright lips

7. Foundation tide mark around the jaw-line – Is it my fault if they sold me the wrong shade?

8. Bright blue eyeshadow – Get lost! Everyone needs a bright blue shadow

9. Penciled-in eyebrows – What, you think everyone has visible brows?

10. Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner flicks – It only sounds bad because you put Amy Winehouse before it. Whats wrong with a cat eyeliner flick?

Anyway, my verdict is, we’ll wear what we want on our faces, if you are a man and have a problem with it, then have a sex change and do what you like with your face. Amen.

I want to know which you are guilty of and what you think of the article!

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  1. says

    Here’s the thing. Men don’t know what they are talking about!

    I had a friend back in high school and her boyfriend was in LOVE with Debbie Gibson. He said he loved the way she looked because she was so natural. Meanwhile my friend and I snickered to ourselves knowing she had on a pound of foundation, powder and concealer.

    They have no clue. :)

  2. Chica says

    Yet the women they generally think are hot e.g page 3 girls, Megan Fox e.t.c cake it on! Hilarious :)

  3. liloo says

    I am guilty of false lashes. Always wear them on a night out. So when guy put his hand into my hair which might end up on my lashes, i kinda want to dodge like in boxing, in case they catch them. How embarrassing would it be if they fell off or even came off a little. aaaaaaaaaa. cringe. I am guilty of too much foundation. I hate my skin, volcanic pores.

  4. says

    Men only hate makeup that isn’t done well. Makeup that is done well generally receives comments such as “You’re looking very pretty today” or “Your eyes look lovely”. Or it doesn’t receive any comments because they don’t realise you’re wearing makeup!

    I’m actually not guilty of any of these, but sometimes I do tend to wear too much eye makeup, or eye makeup that is a bit too heavy on me.

  5. says

    I do my winehouse (cats eye) flicks like a effin’ pro and have been told they are sexy in a jolie non winehouse way. Whoever wrote the list is stupid! lol BOOOOO!

  6. says

    I love bright lips and bright blue eyeshadow (but rarely wear them!), and I love and do regularly wear winged/cat eyeliner. But I agree with Mhairi, men tend to just be turned off my badly done makeup.

  7. Lucy says

    This is only because men don’t have any clue as to what constitutes ‘a lot of make-up’ and ‘caked on make-up’.
    They may say they prefer the natural look, but we all know that they’d balk at the true natural look. I.e nothing.
    The natural look they prefer consists of alot of make-up. It’s harder to look naturally flawless than it is to look like you’re obviously wearing make-up.

  8. says

    I couldn’t give a shit what men think to be honest, I love my make up and always will. God theres 101 things I hate about men, but I dont moan well not much anyway haha.


  9. tigerslovepepper says

    Bright blue eyeshadow reminds me of my high school Math teacher. Well, in that case, any man would have been right about bright blue eyeshadow. Anyone would have been right. 😀
    Nice post. :)

  10. says

    I completely agree with the article. I don’t wear make up (foundation, concealer, eyeshadow etc), but I am fascinated by it, and those who wear it which is why I read a few make up blogs and watch people put it on on youtube. :-)

    I have my own (exceptionally strong) beliefs on make up personally and generally, but I will keep my opinions to myself :-)

  11. says

    I’m sorry but I’m not buying this “natural beauty” thing. If you’re born with a pretty face and flawless skin, it’s ok. But some people (including myself) have been cursed with teenage acne, spots, scars, dark circles, little veins and even facial hair. I surely can’t compete with a clean faced Rachel Weisz for instance! I don’t think there’s any harm in some concealer and some peachy blush :-))

  12. Patty says

    Would I be stating the obvious by saying that any guy that can actually use the phrase “Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner flicks” is probably gay and therefore not attracted to women?

    • Row says

      Hey Patty

      Well a guy could say “She had eyeliner on like Amy Winehouse?” I have heard a few straight men say that – amazing how bitchy they can get trust me I work in close proximity with bitchy IT men!

  13. lily says

    I beleive that men dont want (their) woman to wear makeup because they think it will attract other men therefore opting to like the “natural look”.