Swatches: Too Faced French & Fabulous Palette

Oooh look what I picked up…this rather lovely paletted from Too Faced, called French and Fabulous:

French and Fabulous Too Faced .jpg

I usually hate cardboard container type palettes but lately I’ve been looking for good value sets and basically products that I can apply…well, on the way to work.

It contains 6 shadows and 2 bronzers – see after the jump to see a swatch!

french and fabulous too faced.jpg

According to Sephora:

This set contains:

– 0.08 oz Pink Leopard Highlighting Bronzer
– 0.08 oz Sun Bunny Bronzer
– 0.06 oz Eyeshadow in Totally Toasted Brown
– 0.06 oz Eyeshadow in Totally Toasted Beige
– 0.06 oz Eyeshadow in Poodle Puff Raisin
– 0.06 oz Eyeshadow in Poodle Puff Pink
– 0.06 oz Eyeshadow in Ooh & Aah
– 0.06 oz Eyeshadow in Mess In A Dress

Its a very wearable palette in that 4 of the shades are more nude and natural, then the hot pink and sparkly black add the pazazz (or pizazz?). There’s 2 bronzers, the leopard print which is very pretty but looks more like a highlighter to me, and the other bronzer which more of a traditional bronze:

french and fabulous too faced-1.jpg

(Leopard Bronzer at the bottom right hand corner, 2 tone bronzer next one in).

If I had any criticism of this palette, it would be that the neutral colours are soft but not the as pigmented as the black and pink, although this could just be the nature of a nude. Overall it still works together for a day or evening look, no?

I love hot pink anyway, the one in this palette is ideal for a rock chick look. It can also be used as a blush!

I’ll be doing a FOTD with this palette soon, keep a look out! Its one of my favourite Too Faced palettes so far.

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