Swatch of the Day: Eyeko Fat Balm in Cherry Review

Eyeko Fat Balms have been around for so long – or at least it feels that way – that they haven’t really entered my consciousness for a while.

Lo and behold, Eyeko released three new shades; Cherry, Frosting and Toffee to add to the family of Strawberry, Raspberry and Minty.

I have Cherry here, a warm sheer red.


Eyeko Fat Balms can be used on the cheeks and lips and unlike a lot of multi use products that only really work for either the cheek or lip, this one is truly dual purpose. It’s a sort of thick texture – it’s almost a bit tacky when first applied but once it settles in, it works quite nicely.

I don’t usually like fragranced make up too much, but these smell nice (and the scent is the same as what they are named after!).

So cherry is rather lovely:


It’s not a true cherry (ie. a purple-red) more of a warm mid toned red which is more wearable.

On the plus side of these is that they have SPF15 and contain no mineral oil!

I guess the texture of these remind me of the Nars Multiple Tints. They go on a bit wet then set to give a natural glow – there’s definitely enough pigment there for the cheeks.



I like Cherry, I think it’s nicer than Strawberry and Raspberry – maybe these new ones have a slightly different formula?

Overall I like these – at £6 they aren’t too expensive, they smell nice (it’s a bit weird applying something so scented to your face at first! But this fades) and they are medium pigmented and suitable for lips and cheeks.

The only thing is that sometimes these kind of balms can clog up my skin (I know Nars Multiple does after constant wear). So far, I have to say I haven’t had this problem with the Eyeko, perhaps because it is mineral oil free? But just a warning if you are prone to breakouts with this kind of product.

I am dying to try Toffee and Frosting (which looks like a hot hot hot pink!) so I will see if they sell them at my local Superdrug!

Buy the fat balms here.

Have you tried the fat balms?

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  1. Denise says

    Ohhhh! I really want this. It’s really cheap too. I live in the United States though … I wonder if they sell them here?