Swatch of the day # 4: Nars Bloodwork Lip Gloss

Nars Bloodwork Lip Gloss.jpg

A true, opaque and pigmented red lipgloss with no shimmer.
What would you wear this with?

Note: This image is part of the soon to be launched swatch gallery. Do not reproduce any of these images in any form for personal or commercial use without requesting permission. You can request usage by using the contact form.

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  1. That is such a pretty color!! I doubt I’d ever dare to wear it, though :( I’m too scared of reds!

    • Hey Eru

      I know, I know I am the same – I only wear on special occasions which is a shame – i love it when a woman has the confidence to wear it on a day to day basis!

  2. this and nothing else!
    or perhaps it will give use to one of those too-sheer neutral eye palettes?

    • Hey Lou

      Yeah – its SUCH a strong pigmented colour I think it could be scary with too much on the eyes and face!!

  3. Lol – I think I want this just because the name is so damn cool! Is that wrong?

  4. it was too red for me.. hmmm..

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