So, I am working on a swatch album for my rather big make up collection. I have a lot of Japanese and unusal products, and I wanted to share swatches with people, since I know I love looking at peoples collections and checking out colours before I buy (and thats not always possible if you are buying over the net.)

I hugely underestimated how much time it would take! My studio lights are lost under a pile of rubbish, so I have had to rely on daylight. I had about 5 hours and it took me this long just to photograph, swatch and upload pictures of my lipsticks (don’t even want to think about my eye products, which make up 80% of my collection…*shudder*).

Anyway, I have edited and uploaded my lip products (I do have more, but lets take this one step at a time!).

As I’m not a big lip girl, there are a more Nars, Chanel and MAC products, but hopefully this is useful anyway.

Here’s a LINK– I need to figure out a better way of organising them so it is easier to find the lipstick you want – its not perfect, but its the best I can do right now with my schedule :)

I was inspired by Raquel13’s page and her swatches.

Also some people have asked me about my search for the best mascara!

It is still on, I just have been incredibly busy. Also, I had a lash perm 4 weeks ago which meant I could wear any old mascara, and they still looked fab. Now that the perm is starting to fade (already), I can get back to tackling my very very stubborn lashes.

As a rule, I have only ever found two mascara’s that can deal with my lashes in their natural form and HOLD curl are –

Shiseido Lifting Mascara

SANA Big Curl Mascara.

That’s the only two I found out of 20 mascara’s.

I have also realised just how huge my collection is! Sometimes its hard when to know when to stop, what with these damn new collections. Fafi was released in the UK this week, and luckily, since I get to ogle at what the American ladies have bought from the collection, by the time it gets the the UK I have lost interest.

I went to see the collection and I bought….nada.

WOOT! I am normally a giant sucker, and I managed to skip the collection. I know its not much, but maybe I am one step closer to curing my make up addition…or controlling it at least!

Here is my current storage situation:

I have three separate drawers. No. 1 is a deep one, which is good for big palettes and foundations, and also my 80 plus pigments.

Drawer 2, from Ikea is a nifty storage space. I use it with drawer dividers from Lakeland Limited, I keep all my eye products in here.

Drawer 3, is a cheap nasty hunk of junk, which wobbles, from Wilko’s (UK Bargain store). I hate putting my make up in it, but I have no choice at the moment. This is for all my new stuff.

I have a case next to drawer 4 is for all my new, unopened stuff.

I also have a few organisers from Muji for mascaras, eye pencils, lipsticks and eyeliners.

I am trying to scale my make up down now, from three to two drawers. 3 drawers is unreasonable, no?!

Can someone please tell me they have 6 drawers of make up and my collection is nothing in comparison?!?!….

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  1. Chica says

    lol, i’d love to have your collection for an evening :o) Although I’d never be ready to leave, I’d be having too much fun.
    I’m too ruthless with my make up to ever have that much , I chuck mascara & foundation after 6 months, lipsticks & eyeshadow and blusher after 12-18 ( apart from UD eyeshadows, i love them too much!!)
    I have 1 box!