Surrendering my face to Environ Skincare Products! Part 1

In this rather picture heavy post, I will be sharing with you my very newly adopted (as in this week!) skincare regimen.  I have stopped using my current products (a mixture of Kiehls, Shu Uemura, Sisley, Darphin etc.) to solely concentrate on Environ products. Why? Because after my really cool facial, and skin scan, I am going to trial this range then go back in March for another scan. 

If these products have done what they said they would do (sort out dryness, blemishes, firmness…everything!) then the second skin scan should show lots of improvements!

Environ AVST Skincare Products Review

I have tried Environ before but I got distracted. This time I am totally ready and willing to be given a complete skincare routine. Basically I don’t have much time anymore to be faffing with my skin, so it’s quite nice to be told exactly what to use and when without any ambiguities. 

So this is just a preliminary post with an overview of what I will be using. I will update you in March with the differences in my skin (hopefully with stats and pictures) from the skin scan and of course my general thoughts. 

So…these products were chosen for my by Holly who did my facial. AVST is the starter range which is why mine is primarily from that range but they also have the more expensive and advanced range. Also the moisturiser goes from a level 1 to 5 depending on what strength your skin needs. Everyone starts on 1 because introducing too much Vitamin A to the skin right away can cause a retinoid reaction (red, itchy, flaky skin). 


Environ Cleansing Lotion Pre cleansing Oil

The Pre-Cleanse Oil is a PRE CLEANSER in case you can’t read. It’s for using before the cleansing lotion. You don’t HAVE to use it but if you wear make up like me, it’s a nice way to loosen it up. 

It comes in a 100ml bottle and you can squeeze it out. It’s a runny oil with a slight smell (pleasant):

Cleansing Oil Pre Cleanse Environ


Environ AVST Skincare Products Review 1

I am going to list all the ingredients on here too for people who want the info. 

The AVST Cleansing Lotion is a lightweight white cleanser which feels fine on the skin. 

Environ AVST Skincare Products Review 3


Cleansing Lotion Ingredients

So far using these my skin doesn’t feel dry at all.

AVST Moisturising Toner:

Environ AVST Moisturising Toner

As this is a moisturising toner I wondered if this would be like Japanese lotions (patted on to the skin) but this is put on a cotton pad and wiped like regular toner. This is a light texture:

Environ Moisturising Toner

Ingredients:Environ AVST Skincare Products Review Moisturising Toner

Moisturisers and Serums:

Environ AVST1 C Boost C Quence Eye Gel

AVST 1 is the moisturiser and has the lowest dose of Vitamin A.

C-Boost is a clarifying cream which helps to brighten the skin but this can only be used on WEEK 3 of using the other products as it has a high dose of Vitamin A. 

C-Quence Eye Gel is a light gel texture hydrator for the eye area. 

Environ AVST Skincare Products Review 4

Eye gel:Environ AVST Skincare Products Review C Quence Eye Gel


C Boost Environ


AVST 1 Moisturiser Cream

There are also some additional treatments – AVST Hydrating Exfoliating Mask (which was used during the facial ALONG with the Pre-Cleansing Oil), RAD Sunscreen (SPF15) and Vitamin C supplements. 

Environ AVST Skincare Products Review 5

To use the Masque as an exfoliator, apply it OVER the Pre-Cleanse oil, massage, then wash off. 

Environ AVST Skincare Products Review 6

Mask Ingredients:

Environ Hydrating Exfoliating Mask Ingredients

RAD Sunscreen:

RAD SunscreenRAD:

Environ Skin Vit C Food Supplements

I don’t know how useful skincare swatches are but here’s an idea for people who want to see the textures:

AVST 1 C Boost C Quence Mask RAD Sunscreen

It seems like a lot but it’s not too bad. 

In the day I use the Cleansing Lotion, toner, Moisturiser, Eye Cream and Sunscreen.

In the night, I use the Pre-Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Lotion, Toner, Eye Cream and when I am ready for it, the C-Boost. 

Twice a week I use the exfoliating mask which can be left on overnight, or mixed with the oil to create an exfoliator. 

AVST 1 C Boost C Quence Mask RAD Sunscreen Environ

My only gripe with these products packaging wise so far is the security seal, which I found falls to pieces when you rip it off (so it won’t come off in one piece) which means I had to pick them off each item:

Environ AVST Skincare Products Review 2

That’s it! So far so good – I’ve not had any negative reactions and I hope it stays this way as it is quite sensitive!
Updates in March! 
What are you currently using on your skin?

*PR Sample
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