Sure Every Day Fresh Deodorant Tested at Chester Zoo! Meerkat Pictures!

Sure’s newest deodorant, Maximum Protection Every Day Fresh offers 48 hour protection and is two times stronger than the leading antiperspirant.  It is still mild enough to use every day and offers dryness protection (if applied at night it forms a level of protection against wetness the next day).  

I was given a challenge to test this new deodorant out under some hot and sweaty conditions; as we had some seriously sweltering days in the UK recently, me, Mr C, baby H and my cousin Megan headed of to Chester Zoo so I could give it a run for its money.  

Sure Maximum Protection 1

I purchased the deodorant from Superdrug the day before – at £5.10 it’s pretty expensive as many cream/roll on deodorants are as cheap as 99p.  So for this to be worth it, it has to really work in terms of being fresh and keeping me dry and importantly, not irritating my skin as I do find a lot of deodorants make my underarm itch.  

As you can see, the deodorant is a very soft almost mousse like cream. I prefer this kind of texture of aerosols which I don’t use directly on my armpits anymore as they just give me a reaction.

You have to be careful when you twist this as quite a lot of product comes out.

Now – I applied this in the morning and we headed off to Chester Zoo on a very hot day.  It was pretty hectic looking after Baby H and my cousin!  Chester Zoo is pretty vast and we ended up walking around several times to see all the animals. Here are some photos!

What are these? I can’t remember. To think I played Zoo Tycoon for all those years:

Chester Zoo 1

Some other type of creature:

Chester Zoo

In the Butterfly Den:

Chester Zoo 2


In the shop!

Chester Zoo


Chester Zoo Meerkat

It was so hot the lions and tigers were hiding so we were stuck with Meerkats:

Chester Zoo Meerkat 1

This one was called Tom:Cosmetic Candy Meerkat

Love Megan – she’s such a good sport! There was a Giant Bugs exhibition on:

Chester Zoo Giant Bugs

Lots of flowers everywhere:

Chester zoo 3

My verdict on the deodorant? It does exactly what it says on the tin. Or packet. Or applicator.  

I didn’t for one moment break a sweat or stink – it really does last too. Obviously in the heat I haven’t left it on for 48 hours but it is a highly highly effective deodorant. Also, although it’s white and it DID mark my dress, that seemed to disappear after a while so no staining.  Also no itching or reaction to this deodorant. I definitely prefer it to anything else I’ve used recently, despite the high price. 

Chester zoo 4

See! Not sweating!

Sure Everyday Fresh comes in four variants, Confidence, Sensitive, Dry and Clean Fresh Scent – it costs £5.10 for 45ml from most leading retailers such as Boots and Superdrug.  

*Tickets to Chester Zoo were provided for this review

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