Suqqu me!

I have been waiting forever for my Suqqu’s to arrive – a friend of mine, great friend but terribly unreliable was supposed to hand them over…about 7 months ago. Instead she got on a plane to China to teach English.

Anyway her bro kindly dropped of a lovely bag full of goodies for me yesterday and inside were the long awaited Suqqu’s!

My first impressions were – how sturdy it is, how heavy. I’ve been round the block with curlers and these are the heaviest ones I have ever felt. They aren’t like bricks, just noticably heavier than other makes. It feels a bit stiffer and a really sturdy make.

Suqqus are silver and come with 2 spare pads. They aren’t springy at all, they fit quite well around the eye, and they don’t catch the skin. They seem thick at the clamp – maybe this gives a softer curl and is less damaging to the lashes. They did work well no complaints there at all.

Its my first day using them and overall, I’d say the quality with the Suqqu’s is clear. They feel like an amazing pair and they are – they curl well and don’t hurt. The only thing is, I do like curlers with a tiny bit of spring. Also they don’t fit my eye perfectly so I have to doubly clamp, for the outside and for the inside.

Price is around £13 which is cheap for Suqqu – or in my case free. Yes, bribe someone else to buy them then they are the best free curlers, ever!

Overall = 8/10.

While I’m here I might as well rate my other regular curlers (I also own some Jemma Kidd ones but they are rubbish – not worth mentioning even) –


You know I love Nars but when it comes to hardware, I was dedicated to my 24K Shu’s.

This curler comes in black and is light. It feels a bit rough in the hands – there’s nothing impressive about its apperance.

But you know what? they fit the eye like a dream. No more double curling, just the one clamp will do it.

They work very well too as curlers, no pinching the skin. They still arent particuraly springy but they are nice to use nevertheless.

This comes with one replacement pad (oh, where did I put it. Mental note – look after replacement pads or cats WILL eat it).

It was £15 once again, not that much considering its nars.

Rating: 9/10. Yup, we’re in the lead.

Jill Stuart Curlers

Jill Stuart makes EVERYTHING pretty. These curlers come with a jewel, for gods sake. However…I did not like:

They are a pink/rose metal. They pinched the skin around my eye, a lot – real ouchy pinch too, not happy. And when it came to the curling I had to press hard to get it to hold the curl.

I don’t know why but these curlers did nothing for me – nada. They are beautiful though. But tis pointless having pretty curlers that don’t curl. Like having a pretty hairbrush with no teeth.

Cost around £12.

Rating: 3/10.

SANA Curlers

Sana is a funny one. Because it is springy, (hence the way it looks in the photo) it takes getting used to. It did work well and felt very comfy to use but this one too started to feel a bit out of sorts after 4 months of daily use.

It is around £6 so not expensive and comes with one sponge. There are some special edition colours for this, where the handle comes in pink but that doesn’t really mean much performance wise!

It does work well, but its not one I would grab in a rush. It pulls the lashes a bit as it is almost a bit too springy.

Rating: 7/10

I have already talked about Shu’s and Shiseidos before on this blog. Both make very good curlers that will last you for a while altho Shu’s need replacing twice or three times a year. Shiseido’s can be as cheap as £5, Shu’s cos £20. Shu make special edition ones in gold, black etc. I slightly prefer Shu of Shiseido but I noticed the Shu getting weak after 6 months which is not good – its prety hard to expect someone to throw £20 curlers away so soon after buying them.

So the winner is:


Runner up:

Suqqu (I’d say better than Shu marginally)


Jill Stuart!

Guess what else arrived? My new flip mino!:

Its probably not very exciting if you are in the US but its not due out in the UK for about a million years so its pretty cool. Videos of make up and kittens to follow!

And for no reason, kitty cuteness –

Me. Needs. Sleep.

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  1. says

    wow 7months to receive your goodies!!! I have never heard of Suqu eyelash curlers! but that is one intensive eyelash curler reviews and I love it! thanks for sharing !and love the final photo :)