Superdrug launch their Beautycard, Debenhams launch their Beauty Club App

I don’t know about you but when it comes to buying make up I definitely have different shops I go to when buying certain things, ie.

Internet = Asian cosmetics
Boots = General skincare and high end brands like Chanel and Dior because of the points!
Debenhams = For Guerlain, Smashbox and Urban Decay
John Lewis = For Givenchy
Superdrug = For brands like MeMeMe and Sleek

Boots has the brilliant Advantage Card which I have used to buy many, many things over the years and now here are two more incentives you make you part with your money:


1. Superdrug launch their beautycard on May 11th 2011….It works like Boots Advantage Card.

Things you need to know:

– You can earn points on all purchases and Superdrug’s own brand products but not on prescriptions, giftcards, phone top ups, stamps and baby milk (which is pretty much the same as Boots).

– You can earn points online or instore.

– Points can be redeemed in store only (like Boots).

– However you can use the points as PART PAYMENT for an item (which you can’t with Boots advantage card).

– You will be eligible for special offers and discounts.

– The Beautycard doubles as a mirror…erm, ok.

– On the launch customers can earn a bonus 50 points for every £5 spent in store (until 07/06/2011) and if you shop online, customers will get 10 points per pound.

– All Beautycards can be registered either at or by completing the sign up pack they have picked up in store.

– Customers need to have a minimum of 100 points to start spending.

– So 100 points works out as a £1.00 etc.

Sounds good to me!

Meanwhile Debenhams have launched their Beauty Club iPhone app.


The free-to-download, fully transactional app, complete with expert advice, incentives and tips, follows on from the success of the Debenhams iPhone app, which has seen over 400,000 downloads and sales of over £1 million since its launch.

The app is very good looking, I have to say, and easy to use. You can watch beauty videos, shop with free shipping and use other tools like ‘Paint your nails’ and a ‘Barcode Scanner’ which allows you to read instant reviews before you buy.

Will you be getting a Superdrug Beautycard, or downloading the Debenhams Beauty Club App?

Also tell me, where do you go to buy your beauty products?

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  1. Janet Shepherd says

    Hmm, interesting – I only recently started shopping at Superdrug, I wanted to try some different nail polish colours that weren’t too pricey. Not sure if I spend enough there to bother with a loyalty card though. I use my Boots advantage card a lot – last time I bought a Clinique chubby stick & a nail polish I had enough points to cover the purchase, which was a nice surprise.

  2. says

    I will definitely be signing up for the superdrug card!!!!! On the basis of partpayment alone…. something that has always niggled me about the Advantage Card. Alas, unless the Debenhams one launches on Android Market, I will not be able to use that one.

    Having said all this though, I have been making some cheeky little purchases at the wholesalers that you cant find on the High Street!

    GirlyGlamMUA x

  3. Jen says

    I’m an avid user of the Boots advantage card, and always use the points coupons and stuff to full advantage (as an ex-Boots employee, can’t break out of the habit lol) I was always told that the reason why they don’t let customers use the points as part-payment is because the points are meant to be saved up for a “treat”, and that using them as part-payment defeated the purpose of something being a totally “free treat” that you had saved up your points for. I will definitely be signing up for the Superdrug one, and already have the Debenhams one (although points aren’t as generous on this one)…yes, I am a points card tart, my purse is bulging 😀

  4. Lee says

    FINALLY!!! I can use it for Sleek and what not and just in time for when I have some cash to burn.