Super Tight Tight Tights: Dr Scholl Qtto Medi Leggings, Calorie Off Fat Buster and Model Look Tights

Last year I was introduced to a phenomenon, otherwise known as REALLY TIGHT TIGHTS.  Yes.

Super tight tights are supposed to have a number of benefits, such as improving circulation (like how flight socks do) and some sell themselves as fat busting too, helping your burn extra calories (provided you are moving at the same time!).  I got into these type of tights because they seriously do help if you suffer from leg cramps and they hold you in and give you a smoother shape.

The only problem is that being a tight fit, some can be snug around the belly and of course you can end up getting…hot…in…certain….areas. But let’s not rush this…

Calorie Off Fat Buster Tights Model Look

The brand on the left, Calorie Off, with the encouraging porky pig on the front is from Japan and has a huge selection of rights and socks.  They come in different colours (I mean black and nude, nothing fancy) and different pairs say they can help you burn different calories.

Calorie Off is my least favourite brand.  The tights are thin (the 3 pairs I have tried) and barely last for this reason. The control is average at best and I didn’t notice any major benefit.

The brand on the right is harder to get hold of and is called Model Look. These are brilliant super dense thick tights that really last without snagging or pulling and seriously hold you in.

Another famous brand who make support tights, socks and leggings is Dr Scholl:

Dr Scholl Qtto Medi Leggings

I have a few of their tights but their leggings are great too and quite useful. Their night socks (which are lilac coloured) are pretty famous for helping circulation as you sleep. They are tight so you might need a bit of extra time to put them on in the morning but I find them comfortable (mainly a size 14 bottoms).

If you are a larger lady, I don’t know – it will probably leave red marks on your tummy which isn’t good – it would be great if they made these with bigger girls in mind too because even their large is not that large.

Dr Scholl Qtto Medi Leggings

All of these tights are expensive; Calorie Off was about £13 (but retail is more like £5-£10) and Model Look was £14.  Dr Scholl is pricey and these were about £18. Dr Scholl and Model Look are good tights though and will last quite a few wears and I do notice a difference in my legs, and they feel lighter when I wear them.

Have you ever tried tight tights?!

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  1. Jen says

    I’ve been wondering about these ever since seeing fuzkittie review the Scholl qtto ones…I’ve always wondered if the compression hosiery you can buy at Boots are similar to these at all, although they are pretty pricey themselves! I stand a lot for my job, so I think these would help with my circulation too, what do you think?