Super Super Super Stay! Solone Eyeshadow and Eyeliner ‘Smoody’ Pencil Review!

Solone is a Taiwanese make up brand from…Taiwan, silly, and they make a rather popular eyeliner pencil which they call the “Solone Gel Line Smoody Pencil”.  This pencil is waterproof, it can be blended and used as an eyeshadow or liner. They also happen to be quite inexpensive so I picked up three from eBay for around £14 including shipping which is about the price of one high end eyeliner (ie. MAC, Urban Decay etc.):

Solone Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Smoody Pencil Review

They’re nicely packaged too I think, and come in these boxes. The shades I chose were:

06 – Red Wine

09 – Turquoise

15 – Gold Brown

At the time of writing there are 15 shades.

Solone 30SEC Dry Gel Like Smoody Pencil Eyeshadow Eyeliner 12pcs Collection | eBaySolone 30SEC Dry Gel Like Smoody Pencil Eyeshadow Eyeliner 12pcs Collection | eBay 1

There are 3 ‘summer 2012 shades’, Peach, Velvet Sky and Gold Brown:


Natta Cosme | Rakuten Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil For Eyeshadow Eyeliner Limited 47137373128

Here are the pencils! I am happy with the packaging, they don’t look or feel cheap. One one end is the smudger and they are a decent length (with enough product to last!).  These require sharpening.

Solone Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Smoody Pencil Review 1

I have so many liners that I wanted to pick something a bit different for my collection. 

Red Wine is a blackened base with berry sparkles, Turquoise is a greenish blue with sparkles and Gold Brown is a light warm beige gold.  Red Wine is my favourite. 

Solone Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Smoody Pencil Review 06 Red Wine</p> <p>09 Turquoise</p> <p>15 Gold Brown

The selling point of these eyeliners is that they are very soft and creamy like gel type pencil liners, but they are also very very long lasting and waterproof in 30 seconds. I am a big fan of long lasting eyeliners as I find most will run on me as I have watery eyes.

I did find these eyeliners every bit as pigmented and creamy as expected. I do expect more than that from my liners these days as there are plenty around that are very pigmented these days…these go on quite soft then need time to set.  In that time you can smudge it about and it blends rather well as an eyeshadow, but you do have to get working on it as once they set, they really do set. 

One place I always find some transfer is on my eyelid, as my crease is quite deep and with this pencil I found a slight trace of of product had transferred. This is quite common with 99% of liners I use and quite specific I think, to my eye shape. 

06 Red Wine</p> <p>09 Turquoise</p> <p>15 Gold Brown

The colours are so-so – that’s my own fault though since they are my picks – I am not feeling the turquoise as much as I wanted something more blue, and the gold is a bit boring. Next time I want the bright blue and the black-green. 

All of them have shimmer. If you dislike shimmer you will dislike these:

06 Red Wine</p> <p>09 Turquoise</p> <p>15 Gold Brown Solone Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Smoody Pencil Review

There is no doubt about it – these eyeliners last and last and last.  They really stay put very well on the upper lash line. I had some creeping from my waterline but otherwise, they held tight for most of the day.  The glitter also stays put and let’s just say you’ll need a lot of cotton wool to get this baby off.

After much scrubbing:

Solone Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Smoody Pencil Review 2

I still wouldn’t trust it enough to go deep sea diving with it because whilst it may last well it doesn’t mean it’s not prone to a little travelling. 

Still, it’s a rather brilliant eyeliner – I had 3 MAC eyeliners on my hit list but after seeing this, I decided to get more shades instead since 3 of these cost the same as 1 MAC!  So overall it’s a win for me and there are some other very nice colours to choose from. 

You can buy these from eBay for around £6 each or there are some deals, 3 for £14. 

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  1. They’re pretty impressive! I love shimmer. Life’s too short not to sparkle :) x

  2. ….it’s official, I am the only person who doesn’t like these! Succumbed to ebay hype a few months back, also picked up Red Wine and it has joined the countable-on-my-fingers list of stuff that DOESN’T wear indelibly on me. *hands in Asian card*, xanax tablets 1mg