Super Sunscreen: Hissyfit Tinted Sunscreen, Lip Service and Hand Cream

What are Australian’s good at?

Well…BBQs, Volleyball, Breeding Koalas and…Sunscreen. Fabulous sunscreen.

They get a lot of sun down under, ya see. They take their sunscreen seriously, because its just stupid NOT to.

So I was extremely happy to get a package from Hissyfit to review. The weather is warming up over here and with dreams of a beach holiday – this is just what I need!

Hissyfit - Protect | Renew | Perfect..jpg

They say:

Hissyfit was created to produce a complete range of luxe 3-in-1 beauty products you will WANT to wear from
head to toe, every day.

But wait. Hissyfit is different. I wanted something I could take on a beach holiday and use for the 4 days of the year that the sun actually shines in the UK. Hissyfit offered more than this – its 3 in 1 make it (skincare, spf and make up) in one which can be used all year round.

Hissy fit sunscreen suncare.jpg

I got three things – a Tinted Sunscreen Saving Face (SPF 50), Lip Service Lip Gloss in Guava and a hand cream called Helping Hands (SPF 50).

Pop back later for speed reviews of the rather fab range!

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  1. I LOVE the name of the range! Hissyfit, heheee 😀

  2. Love the name, interested in the tinted sunscreen! I wonder how pale it goes? I’m still white as snow come summer time (unless I burn, and that’s nor pretty!)

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