Super Sticky: Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Glue Review

Kiss Me’s brand, Heroine Make is not one to be ignored – they make, for example, absolutely brilliant Eyelash Curlers and Liquid Eyeliner!

As mentioned before, I am not the best at applying fake eyelashes. I usually want to get them perfect but I can’t even get them on half wonky….its a hard life.

Plus I have sensitive eyes. I have realised that I am totally allergic to Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Glue (burning pain!) so I choose carefully these days.

I thought this Eyelash Glue was quite cool:

Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Glue.jpg

It cost about £6 from

What’s very interesting about this is the consistency – its runny, almost watery which is nothing like other eyelash glues I’ve used before. At first its a little disconcerting but then I came to realise – its thin but perfectly strong!

Heron ie Make Elelash Fixer.jpg

With the angled brush applicator you really only need a tiny bit. There are some distinct advantages to this eyelash fixer or glue once you get used to the texture…
1. Its light so you don’t apply too much which I always do with traditional glue

2. It get tacky almost right away. Not standing around wafting lashes to wait for it to get tacky, you can pretty much stick away

3. Because its so light it really is invisible – I’ve used glue before that says its invisible but I can still see bits of it poking out

4. I didn’t get any allergies using this

5. There’s none of that sticky trail when you pull your lashes off like what you get when you use a latex glue – thus your lashes last a few more wears.

Heroine Make Eyelash Glue .jpg

The brush is pretty handy for apply lashes and also topping up the corners.

Kiss ME Heroine Make Eyelash Glue-1.jpg

All in all, I wasn’t expecting to find an “exciting” eyelash glue but this one is rather fab and has made my job a little easier.

Japanese brands tend to lead the way – who knows maybe this is how lash glues will progress! I’m tres happy with this product!

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  1. liloo says

    does this NOT contain any latex at all at all?
    i love the wand!
    If the packaging did not look so plastiquy, I think I would be tempted x
    “sticky trail when you pull your lashes off” >> woah, I would need to see this in action to believe it.

  2. says

    Does it dry clear? I tend to use specialist glue that dries black..but i might be tempted by this purely on its consitency

  3. Sophia says

    wow! this looks cool. i have really sensitive eyes too and most glues on the market tend to burn my eyes (ouch!)… you would think by now they would have come out with a glue for sensitive eyes right? thanks for recommending this!!! :) BTW, where did you get this?

  4. says

    OH MY GOD, I’VE FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO HAS EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM LIKE ME (*___*) !!! I’m so happy I found this post, now I’m going to order that glue <3
    much love,