Super Natural Eyeshadow! KATE Select Eye Colours Shiny Selection in Nudy Brown Swatches

Thought I’d share with you one of my recent purchases; KATE Select Eye Colours Shiny Selection in Nudy Brown!

KATE releases a few limited edition Select Eye Colours every year – the year before there was a grey and brown set.  This Shiny Selection is actually a year old but I spotted them on sale again on Adambeauty.  It goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to rush and buy LE items, they can and do appear again at a discounted rate!

There are 2 options, one is deep brown and one is nudy brown:KATE Shiny Selection Select Eye Colours Nudy Beige

The thing about the Select Shadows is that they aren’t the most pigmented or softest shades either. Don’t be disappointed if you find these don’t match up to other KATE shadows.  But – this is what I was looking for in this instance – a hardish shadow which wouldn’t be easy to make mistakes with.

The packaging is nice – simple copper coloured and thin so easy to carry around with a big mirror:

KATE Select Eye Colous Shiny Brown Eyeshadow Nudy Brown

The Nudy Brown palette really is nudy – there’s a cream, a pale yellow, a pale brown and a mid toned brown.  There is no opportunity to do a really smokey eye with this look:

KATE Brown Eyeshadow Nudy Shiny Selection

They have a faint shimmer to them. I’d quite like it if they were just matte (2 lighter shades) and a bit shimmery (the two darker colours).  Instead they’re sort of not matte, not a real shimmer, somewhere in limbo instead.


KATE Shiny Selection Nudy Brown eyeshadow

See it’s very pale really but creates a super duper natural eye you just can’t over do. Great for work and when you need to keep yourself in check (I always look lovingly at my metallic blue shadows in the morning!).

This palette was about £10 from but is also on the alphabeauty shop (eBay).

Do you have a idiot proof eyeshadow palette?

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  1. says

    Japanese eye shadows tend to be quite sheer compared to European brands. I find the neutral palettes quite “samey”, except for Suqqu….

  2. Jen says

    Really pretty nude shades that could be used everyday for work for a soft look. My idiotproof palette is still the Naked palette lol

  3. says

    I have a kate palette with eyebrow and eyeshadow colors – that’s my idiot-proof palette. Not too much shimmer and not too matte.