Super Cute Notebooks the look like food! From Daycraft Hong Kong

I am a self confessed notebook geek and I have a serious problem – less than my make up problem, more than my bacon habit – when it comes to notebooks.

I have tons of them. Most half written in, some are blank, some are collectables. Something about an empty notebook calls to me.

I was extremely excited to be sent some notebooks to look at from a Hong Kong based company called Daycraft.


Daycraft make a selection of diaries and notebooks. The diaries come in simple, fancy and cute styles and in many different sizes (the website is highly comprehensive and you can choose from size, colour and editions – Chinese or English). They also have a huge range of notebooks and sketchbooks. There are some grown up ones, perhaps better for the office and some really adorable animal ones and food ones.

There’s also some graphic design ones and some floral and sweet prints for the ladies.

The ones that caught my eye were the fruit designs (In love, must get the pineapple one another time) and the cookie books. The cookie books are square and come in cookie, Chinese cracker and waffle:


Soooo adorable. The covers of these square books are well made and thick.

The Chinese cracker note book is so cute and very soft – Mr C has already stolen this one from me:


The paper inside is lined and it’s a pretty handy sized notebook – like a square A5!

The waffle note book looks like this:


The notebook I am using every day to write all my random thoughts and list in is this super cute notebook – it is somewhat thin but because the paper is thick, it means you can write on both sides without bleed. And I use very inky pens:


I chose Honeydew melon because it’s something me and my family eat together around the table! It makes me nostalgic!

Inside the paper is lined with a cute design on alternate pages – I like the detail and it’s not too over the top so that it gets in the way:


I also got sent a 2011 diary, I chose a red on in a slim design. What I really like on the site it that it clearly lists what pages are included, what the size is and if there are extra features (ie. this diary comes in an Asian version which has maps for Hong Kong, and MTR map and the Korean subway etc etc.)

I hope to travel to Asia this year so this will be super useful.


Mr C has also stolen this diary -_- It’s made with nice paper and lots of space to write your details in. The cover is PU leather and feels high quality (I usually prefer real leather).

Some Daycraft items are sold in Magma in the UK but you can also contact them directly to order. Prices are reasonable (ie. $8 for the cookie books and the fruit notebook).

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  1. tigerslovepepper says

    OMG! I have to find them in UE to avoid customs. Want one of those cuties sooo bad.

  2. Jen says

    Ahhhhh, so cute!! Especially love the cookie bookies and the flower wow. I’ve seen some Korean diaries online which look amazing, lots of cute illustrations inside, and stickers. I will definitely be checking to see if they have any of these in Magma next time I’m in town!

  3. says

    When you mentioned it’s a Hong Kong company, I was quite worried since all Asian packaging seem overly cute and girly, which is good for certain times, but not notebooks imo! (Imagine going to an important professional event and pulling out a Barbie pink, fluffy notebook with anime!).

    However, the photos look so aweseom! I’m loving the Honeydew one, but all the others are pretty hot and stylish too!

    Cassie x

    • Row says

      Hi Cassie

      I know what you mean – I have a loud taste in notebooks so I forget how silly it looks sometimes in meetings 😀

  4. Jen says

    Where did you get you Korean diary from, if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve been wanting one for the longest time, but the only place I’ve come across them is ebay