Sunscreen Special Day 2: Creme De La Mer The SPF UV Protecting Fluid SPF 30

You can’t argue with a touch of luxury, even if it is something like your sunscreen.

I am personally a fan of La Mer – I love their foundation, their lipbalm, their face cream. They work well for me. But without a doubt its pricey stuff!

They say about Creme De La Mer’s The SPF UV Protecting Fluid with an SPF of 30:

Tourmaline and Malachite help absorb light energy, turning it into green light, and helps enhance anti-oxidant activity. This helps prevent the appearance of skin discolouration and unevenness.

Airlight to the touch, this transparent fluid formula is an ideal makeup primer.


You get 40ml with this – its pretty compact which makes it easy to carry around in my handbag:


Once again its the type of liquid sunscreen that needs a good shake otherwise it separates.

It smells quite fresh although its not a clear fragrance – it reminds me of the other Skincare products I have from La Mer…
Its a fairly runny texture but it sinks into the skin fine. Unlike the Green Coffee Sunscreen I reviewed yesterday I didn’t notice any sticky residue or a whitish cast on my face.

Therefore I am quite happy to wear this on my face as a primer – the finish is semi matte.


5 mins after on my hand – its practically invisible.



Texture: 4/5

Finish: 4/5

Protection: 4/5

Price: 2/5 – Its £50 for 40ml!


I have a massive soft spot for this SPF – its one of the best liquid based sunscreens I have used but the price is extremely high. Can you get something as good for less than £50 – yes!

But do I think this feels great on my face and this is the kind of thing I will save just for my face (due to the cost). Its pretty much invisible when applied which I like, plus I like matching skincare.

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  1. says

    Hi Row!
    What a coincidence! I went to Brown Thomas (Dublin) today and the La Mer woman was trying to push me one of these and made me test it.
    Texture is great, however the smell put me off completely. There is something very sulphur-like on it, at least to my nose. So, I will keep my old reliable Anessa and Sofina Beauté instead… :(
    Thank you for sharing!