Sunscreen Special Day 1: Skinfood Green Coffee Sun Screen SPF 50

I love Skinfood’s creative creations (all their cosmetics and skincare are based on food) so being a coffee addict, I had to pick up this Green Coffee Sun Screen SPF 50 from eBay (where else?).


Green Coffee is supposed to be high in anti oxidants – the fact that this SPF is 50 was appealing too. Remember, anti- age, anti age!

This sunscreen is a liquid type that needs a good shake before you use it otherwise it comes out rather strange.


I am a little wary of overly liquid sunscreens because I think they tend to leave a slightly shiny residue which I don’t like under my foundation.

This Skinfood SPF is light and easy to apply…(It doesn’t smell like Starbucks by the way – more of a fresh, light fruity scent. Do I feel a bit cheated? A bit but then I hardly want to walk around smelling like someone who smears my face in coffee beans. Probably).


This sunscreen really does have a decent texture – however there is a slight residue on the skin. Very very very slight.

I mean, I am being extremely picky here, its better than most sunscreen that I have tried but nevertheless, I can’t ignore the fact that I can still feel it on my skin for a good while after its been applied.

It does sink in fine generally, and dries to a slightly matte finish.


On the skin. It leaves a very very slight white cast – its barely notiecable but its there.


On the skin about 5 mins after application:


Texture: 3/5

Finish: 4/5

Protection: 5/5

Price: About £8 I think, so 4/5


I will happily use this on my body but not so much on my face, because I don’t want any greasiness on my skin at all and no residue.

It smells lovely though and I can’t argue with SPF50 – I just wouldn’t use it if I wanted to put foundation on top.

I bought this from seller Zinopark on eBay.

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  1. says

    Roooowena, loving the start of the Sunscreen specials.. you answered my silent prayers! Looking forward to seeing the different ones. Yay for protecting skin!

    • Row says

      Hi Beauty Scribbler

      I agree! What can be better than coffee in your sunscreen but alas – it doesn’t work so well! Its decent, just not amazing!