Sunday Wishlist; It’s nearly Christmas hint hint

My head is all scatty because there are so many little things that have caught my eye recently! Now that I have a winter bag and some long suede black boots, my eye is firmly back on the make up shopping!

Quite a lot of these are on my Christmas list (the Shu, Shiseido, Laura Mercier and Smashbox), the rest I will have to, erm, gift myself!

1. Shu Uemura Lip Duo Tint & Glosses

On my Christmas list is the Harmony Pink (pictured) and Love Apricot (Limited Edition). Gorgeous colours and you get the strong tint and a gloss on top. Too cute!

I might treat myself to the red lip duo (discount this weekend, 4th/5th December 2010 – 25% off use the code SHU25 on and the portable eyeliner brush too :)


I also wanted their Goat Hair Foundation brush – it’s amazing but at £40 it’s a bit expensive. I’ve ordered the Sephora I.T. Foundation Brush from eBay instead as it has a similar shape head.

I like the bowwow! magic queen palette too, but I already own 2 of these kinds of palettes and I still can’t bring myself to use any of them.

2. Becca Bird of Paradise and Brazillian Bronzing Sheen

I am the proud owner of the gorgeous Prairie Moon Palette (review coming up) and it’s got me a bit obsessed with Becca at the moment. I also like the cheek and eye tints because they’re subtle and good for my dry skin.

I so want the Bird of Paradise gloss and Brazillian Bronzing Sheen!


I like multi use products and these two would be a rather lovely addition to my collection. One day I need to get to a counter too and get colour matched to their foundation so I can invest in the foundation stick!

3. Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs

I was in a horrid horrid hectic horrible department store yesterday (NOT Selfridges, NOT John Lewis, NOT Harvey Nichols) where I was being wrestled out of the way by various women with moustaches (real ones you could comb) who were dying to check out “ver-sack-chee” perfume…
Anyway I saw the gorgeous Guerlain Ecrin eyeshadows – so beautiful but £51 each? Very expensive. Bobbi Brown LE palettes cost less than that.


Shade 02 with the metallic blue is my choice but this one will have to be on the wishlist for a while! It’s just £££ and I don’t want to go to the skanky department store again for a while. Shame they don’t sell Guerlain in Selfridges.

4. Smashbox

In the same department store named above, I stopped at the Smashbox palette because the guy on there looked like he was desperate for a customer. They are nice on the counter, but PUSHY.

I don’t blame the counter staff for being somewhat forthright, but I know from experience the pushiest sales assistants work for the pushiest brands with the biggest sales targets (yes, Benefit) – unless you’re like Clinique or MAC, and people flock to you regardless…but I digress….

I have had many things from Smashbox and nothing I love (always from QVC special offers). But when I swatched this LE Masquerade palette it was love:


The colours are SO pigmented and soft. And quite a useful palette too with mattes and shimmers, and blue, green, purple, brown, gold – everything really!

This is on the Christmas list!

5. Laura Mercier

It was Marina who gave me the idea of the palette! This limited edition palette from Laura Mercier is all you need for the cheeks with a Glow Veil, Cheek Veil and Bronzer Veil.


In the UK it’s exclusive to Selfridges and costs £35. I’m pretty sure Mr C has already bought this for me for Christmas….

6. Shiseido Jungle Palette

I have wanted this for ages, what can be better for me than an all green palette! Also on my Christmas wishlist!


What is on your current wishlist?

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  1. says

    Ahh nice choices there! Thanks for the Shu code, I may abuse that!

    I managed to get the Shiseido palette super cheap on eBay – love it!

  2. Alexandra says

    I have that smashbox palette and its gorgeous. I get my smashbox online, its a little cheaper than in stores.

    On my wishlist is the chanel quad from the christmas collection, urban decays naked palette and the smashbox wish palette.

    • Row says

      Hi Alexandra

      My luck with smashbox is mixed – half is good, half is rubbish! The Chanel Quad is STUNNING

  3. says

    Oops :)… I hope you will get the LM palette and I hope I will get mine. I am impressed that your list is not that long 😉 The top 3 products on my wishlist would be:
    This LM palette
    Jo Malone Cologne set and
    Becca’s Beach Tints
    I am still trying to figure out if I need the other Becca’s set. Oh, and I also want the Bobbi Brown lip gloss set. And the Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot set.
    That’s pretty much it for now x

    • Row says

      Hi Marina

      You are as bad as me!!! I don’t usually want so much make up – well I do but I am more of a browse and buy but I’ve been exposed to loads of lovely stuff lately!

    • Row says

      Hi Rose

      LOL I don’t expect I’ll get all of it, but since my mum and aunties asked I thought I’d ask them to buy me things from this list :)