Sunday Impulsive Shopping with Miss Candy

It’s Sunday and whats a better way to kill some time than a quick, what I call a ‘whip around’ the usual haunts?

Despite my resolution to buy less make up this year, I still get…lets call it the urge. I presume its similar…(sorry, the cat has just decided to use my thigh knee as a barstool)…the urge sex addicts and alcoholics get when they just *need* a hit. I presume.

Here are some bits I’ve found and purchased in the last 24 hours (yes really. Let’s just say I get distracted).

Perhaps I can entice you into a little Sunday Shopping Surfing?

1. Clarins Summer Fever Lip Balm/Glosses

Summer Fever Sun Lip Balm SPF 6 - #02 Orange Delight - CLARINS - Cosmetics & Make Up - (UK).jpg

I had my eyes on these when they were launched last summer (I think) – it comes in the orange and pink. Whats nice is that they have SPF as well as pigment. Gorge! I bought both colours from Strawberrynet for $9.50 each, and these will be worn everyday when it gets hot hot hot. (Ok, in reality I’ll probably lose them by then)

2. Lavshuca Eyeshadow and Beaute de Kose Lip Gloss


BEAUTE de KOSE ESPRIQUE precious Rouge Stylish.jpg

I originally wanted some Fairy Drops mascara and a new pair of eyelash curlers before Mr Candy reminded me that I got 15 mascara’s in the post this week (very interesting stuff – can’t wait to report back on it!) and that I buy a new pair of curlers all the time because I KEEP LOSING THEM.

Point taken.

Instead I browsed the sales section and picked up 2 of the Lavshuca Duos from a few seasons ago (if you have been dying to try some Asian make up, heres your chance) and a Esprique Precious Gloss in PK828. This gloss is STUNNING. I already have it in 3 colours and the pink looks like a perfect nuder rose to me.

The gloss was $14 in the sale and the shadows were $8 each.

3. Some Fashion Books!

Avedon Fashion 1944-2000.jpg

I’m writing some pieces on Fashion Photography so bought this beautiful book – love this cover image so much (book by Richard Avedon). I had to buy some very geeky IT books and a few Moleskines too – don’t ask lets just say the learning never stops!

4. Tower Storage

5 box tower.jpg

I dream of the day I can keep all my make up and skincare in one place but I don’t think its gonna happen!

At the moment I have 3 filing cabinets, and about 6 large boxes and a few smaller bags of make up. I have four large baskets, a tower storage unit and a large wide unit for skincare. Its driving me insane!

If anyone has any genius storage ideas that doesn’t involve the wheelie bin, let me know. I ordered another one of theses storage towers from Argos last night – the one I have is very very sturdy and has lasted 3 years despite being stuffed full (a lot of plastic storage starts to bend after a while).

5. eBay is not my friend

eBay is like my second home – its like my Nana’s house but without the cup of tea.

Mozilla Firefox.jpg

I picked up several items – some discounted YSL lipsticks, a few items from Shills (Asian Brand), a Jade Face Roller, some new hair brushes, some treats for kitty (it works, 3 treats for me, 1 for them) and even my own Endamame:


Yes. I am a shopaholic. But all I can see it a little post mountain gleaming in front of my eyes.

And the more I shop online (every day) the more I dislike high street shopping. Its costs more, you have to deal with the general public AND they never have anything in stock. (Having said that, never bought shoes online successfully but who needs shoes to *fit*?!)

Well, there goes the IMATS funds anyway.

Anything enticed you? Done any online shopping recently? Don’t lie, tell me in the comments!

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  1. says

    Jeez – I though I was bad with an overflowing chest of drawers – all hail Cosmetic candy… queen of makeup!
    Those edamame bean things are super cute!

  2. says

    15 mascaras in the post!!! My jaw just dropped. Got I’d love to be your little sister and get all your un-used or un-wanted stuff haha.

    I was just talking on twitter last night aswell, how I so hate real shopping and love online shopping so much more. Nice and comfy, cig in hand, coffee by my side, Sly (cat) or Harvey on my knee… just clicking away. No sales assistants hassling me, no bored fella hanging around behind me, making me feel pressured, just me and my bank card… HEAVEN!

    Oh and with all that stuff, I can definitely see another blog sale on the horizon! 😉 hehe.

  3. says

    LOL Mr Candy! Heheee
    I agree. I loathe high street shopping… why be rushed and get all hot and bothered in the hot lights of a shop when you can spend aaaages debating whether to buy something online?! 😀
    I recently won Banksy’s graffiti book for a bargainous £7 squiddidlies .. CHUFFED!

  4. says

    Oh yes and a pair of Topshop jeans (hard to find the petite ones nowadays) for £8. Couldn’t pass it up! And Mavala Nail hardener…. from Hong Kong. I’ll probably forget all about it until a week later! 😉

  5. tigerslovepepper says

    Just a dozen or something of Ciaté paint pot in the last week. Some of them were for a friend of mine so I’m absolved. XD

  6. Inês says

    So true. It’s so easy to buy online, no fuss to get into the mall, low prices, broader selection… and much more tempting overall.