Sunday Hauling: Shopping in the Muji Bargain Bin!

Muji, Muji, how I love thee.

So the other day I did some hauling – I noticed some bargain bins in the store and ended up picking up some random bits which I thought I’d share!

Remember when I reviewed The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki?

She recommended using a swan neck bottle to perform a water massage on the face. I could not find a swan neck bottle anywhere (there might be another name for it!) but I saw on in the Muji bargain bin for just £1 in small and large sizes:


I am addicted to plastic storage at the moment for depotting skincare and make up as I am planning a holiday. I like the look of these squeezy bottles (not in the sale) because I think they’re ideal for foundation (easier to use than a tub or a bottle where you just can’t get the last bit out!).

Muji has really stylish, really lovely travel pot options by the way!

I also bought this Laundry Paper for £1 – I figured it would be useful on holiday incase of underpants shortage!


Obviously I have to buy stationery when in Muji!….
I bought this pencil case for £2, a dual ended highlighter, a pack of 6 gel pens (these are the best) and a rubber that comes in pencil form (yet I don’t have a pencil anywhere!).


I need a pencil case, I always carry pens loose and I end up with about 12 in the bottom of my bag. You know how some people’s worst nightmare is to forget their wallet? Mine is to forget a decent pen because god knows I can’t write with biro.

I bought this Japanese style ID/Pass holder, £4.75 down to 75p


I also noticed a new release, these handy notebooks with tear out pages. I bought one which is a to do list and this one – so useful for planning videos.


Finally I had to buy a birthday card for Mr C’s Grandad’s whopping 82nd birthday!

I got this one that is like a cardboard plane. They also had a flower one and some kind of animal:


So that’s my hauling style!

Bought anything cool lately?

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  1. Jen says

    omg I looooooooooove Muji too!! This week I picked up some storage for my make-up…I got the ones that are used for storing MDs (I don’t know anyone who uses MDs anymore lol). I love them ‘cos they have the partitions, so are great for keeping my make-up in some sort of order! Had to go back for a second case ‘cos one is sadly not enough lol
    Sadly didn’t see any bargain bins but you can guarantee that I’d be having a good old root through them! I’ll be keeping an eye out for them next time I’m back at Muji!
    I once got a whole bunch of great ink stamps from the bargain bin in Dunelm Mill. And speaking of ink stamps, I also found the cutest Japanese-themed mini stamp kit in Accessorize this week, it has it’s own little carry case haha I’m such a sucker for cute packaging!

    • Row says

      That’s funny I was talking about Dunelm Mill a while ago – I thought it was juts a mill not a shop!

      I need to go and buy some Muji stuff for my holiday! BTW I used to use muji for my mini discs! No one uses them any more :(

  2. Shari says

    Nifty! We just got Muji over here, though right now the number of stores is very limited and we don’t have a large selection over here. I’m hoping that the stores will take off, because I really miss being able to shop at Muji! When I lived in Japan, I loved, loved, loved shopping there. The bargain bins are the best!