Sunday Giveaway: Three gorgeous glittery Myface Blingtone Eyeshadows!

Myface, a range sold online and in Boots is such a funky range and I just LOVE their Blingtone eyeshadows which are highly glittery offerings.

You will win three shades, Spice (taupe brown), Morroco (rich dark brown) and Black Ice:


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

What’s the most blingy item you have in your wardrobe; clothing or make up?

Me: I have, from my youth, a leopard print dress, tight and matching gold heels…eek. It looked good though, I used to love it!

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. my most blingy item in my wardrobe is a dress with glitters diamonds and beads.

    xoxo celine

  2. mine has to be an oasis shrug made out of beautiful sprakly mint green sequins..sounds disgusting but its lush xx

    also had it off ebay for a barain of £2 something xx

    it’s soo heavy you also get a bit of a workout xx

  3. Please enter me :)

    Most blingy item I own would have to be my Guerlain Rouge G! It’s not strictly a wardrobe item, and it’s not particularly blingy on application either. The lipstick case itself though makes this worthy of being classed as an accessory. It’s certainly a talking point when pulled out for re-application in the ladies!

  4. Nicola Seary says:

    The blingest item I have is my purple glitter eyeshadow

  5. donna bakewell says:

    i have a silver sequin shift dress that i used to wear to 70’s weekends @ butlins and pontins!! SHOCKING!!!! haha!!!

  6. I have some of the biggest pat butcher-esque earrings ever!

  7. My beautiful tiara which I bought to celebrate my 50th birthday when I held a glamorous cocktail party at my house. Everybody looked gorgeous, all the girls in cocktails dresses & tiaras (some of the guys wore tiaras too!!!) & the guys were all in tuxedos. We looked great at the beginning of the night but the bling turned to ming after many varied cocktails & my house & garden the next day were definitely minging

  8. amanda mcgroggan says:


  9. mine is a pair of heels I bought last year. ultra high mirror platform and spike heel, then chains etc across the foot! eek.. too high to walk in but look sooo good in my wardrobe ;o)

  10. Rachael Lines says:

    I have this wonderful white lace type see through dress, that I wore a few times clubbing when I was around 19. Its literally a net curtain!!

  11. Jenny Moore says:

    I love all blingy stuff. I have blingy clothes, blingy make up and obviously blingy jewelly. But you can never have enough, so would make way for some more :)

  12. The blingiest thing I own is a black and gold leopard print Nina Ricci mini dress that my mummy gave me for my prom last year. It’s extra special to me because it was mummy’s favourite dress in her youth and she promised me I could have it when I was old enough, when I was only three years old. I’ve looked forward to the day she’d pass it on to me since then and wearing it last year made prom even more special and memorable.
    The day she gave it to me was also the day she took me to Debenhams to buy me my very first foundation, as I wasn’t really into make up before then. So it holds a lot of memories and makes me feel good for all sorts of reasons.

    I will always treasure it, and I’ll still be wearing it when I’m 74!

  13. The most blingy thing i have, is a white and silver top hubby bought for me. I wasn’t with him when he bought it. Did’t wear it for a couple of years, until we were on holiday last year. I was amazed how now it looked, and i got loads of good comments.

  14. A gold lamé snakeprint vest top 😐 I promise, it was totally in fashion when i bought it

  15. my sparkly pink shoes, I love them to bits and they top off any outfit

  16. i would say the most blingy thing is my purple waist belt with diamontes in the middle.

  17. claire hill says:

    i have a sparkly silver dress lurking in the back of my wardrobe hich i used to wear with matching platform sandals…i blame the spice girls for that one!!

  18. Katie Usmar says:

    Oooo lots – I’m a sparkle lover!

    Prob would be my sparkly silver glitter jeans, black sparkly top with sparkly heels – ok its been a few years since I wore that outfit heheh!

  19. My wedding shoes…. bling bling sparkle! My friend’s daughters want to play in them! But I’m mean and say no! I tried them on the other day and they nearly crippled me!!!

  20. I own this beautiful sequinc-ish ( is it even a word )bag from next,Its silver grey and Oh-so-gorgeous , sometimes I feel I need my glasses to avoid from getting blind. It was my first ever purchase frm Next outlet in pakistan and its very close to me

  21. nicola hudson says:

    I love my leopard print flats they go with anything I wear so Im never out of them.

  22. I have a pretty sparkly multi-coloured sequined top with shoes to match!

  23. Caroline Maffia says:

    Bright orange fish net tights

  24. Most Blingy thing in my wardrobe is probably an 80’s top, all sparkles and shoulder pads, only hang onto it in case there’s an 80’s night somewhere hahaha :)

  25. Christine Northrop says:

    I have a sparkly sequined top with a dragon design from many years ago and I love it even though it doesn’t fit now.

  26. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    A gorgeous pair of glittery pumps!

  27. Victoria Boland says:

    I have a gorgeous pair of killer heels with siilver studs all over them – very bling

  28. i don’t like to stand out so it’s hard to think of one straight away but there is an exception of my black sequin covered wasitcoat i wear to parties 😀

  29. I have this crazy bow/hair clip that is positively BEDAZZLED with gold and silver jewels, and when I wear it, I FEEL GOLDEN :)

  30. It would have to be a Hello Kitty tee, with lots of rhinestones on it – totally blingtastic, and age inappropriate but I love it.

  31. I have these gaudy blinged-out ed hardy sunglasses!!!! I get compliments but they are pretty over the top lol!

  32. Clothing – A little blinky black party dress

  33. White stillettoes with luminous pink heels!

  34. the most blingy item i have is my red strapless sequin dress, its so sparkly!

  35. lorna garratt says:

    i used to wear a flourence green halter long dress which used to glow in the dark under the flourence lights in clubs, i thought it great, but that was 12 years ago,

  36. Calista 101 says:

    I have the most amazing (and SHINY) gold necklace. It’s long (down to my bellybutton) with gold keys hung on it. I haven’t actually worn it that much because, honestly, where can you wear something like that? But it was so shiny and pretty that I had to buy it.

  37. I couldn’t resist buying the Dior eyeshadow in Golden Spotlight 616 (I think it is limited edition?), which is the blingiest, loveliest sparkly gold eyeshadow I’ve ever seen! It looks like pure gold! I like layering it over other eyeshadows to pep them up a bit :)

  38. Stephanie Cummins says:

    What’s the most blingy item you have in your wardrobe; clothing or make up?

    My most blingy this would have to be my pauls boutique hoody.. it had red leopard print hood and rhinestones all over it haha

  39. I have a sequence top that shines every wear I go :)

  40. Danielle Graves says:

    My most blingy item is an owl pendant from Primark which has loads of rhinestones on it.

  41. my most blingy item? is the VS body shimmers!!! i love its shimmer on my skin..

  42. The most blingy item I have in my wardrobe is this white sleeveless top with strips of denim plastered over randomly, spots of paint splashed on it and a metal chain hanging across diagonally. Looks quite funky, grunge, rock-ish and I’ve had it for more than 5-6 years but have never worn it out.

  43. A disco shaped ring my mother bought years ago on a cruise ship. It’s outrageous.

  44. The most blingy thing in my wardrobe is probably my 4 inch platform stiletto shoes comprised of snakeskin and PVC; and embellished with jewels. They’re pretty sexy and attention-grabbing.

  45. I have a long stretchy sleeveless metallic silver-grey dress. I last wore it 10 years ago! but I’m still holding onto it in the hopes that I’ll have an occasion to wear it again.

  46. The most blingy thing is my shoes…the shoes is pearly silvery colour and it has many many different sizes of diamond lk shaped jewel decorated on the front of the shoes…(^.^)

  47. Stella McCartney jacket

  48. Not the blingiest thing in the world, but I have a great pair of black sequinned ballet pumps I bought last Christmas

  49. tousledkitten says:

    I have some extremely bling LA Colors shadows that a friend sent me.

  50. Evelyn Johnston says:

    I have a shrug which is made of silver/purple sequins.