Sunday Giveaway: Three gorgeous glittery Myface Blingtone Eyeshadows!

Myface, a range sold online and in Boots is such a funky range and I just LOVE their Blingtone eyeshadows which are highly glittery offerings.

You will win three shades, Spice (taupe brown), Morroco (rich dark brown) and Black Ice:


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

What’s the most blingy item you have in your wardrobe; clothing or make up?

Me: I have, from my youth, a leopard print dress, tight and matching gold heels…eek. It looked good though, I used to love it!

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. Julie Brett says

    A pink dress with lots of pink diamantes around the neck. I wore it to Ascot this year and felt good!

  2. layla says

    The most blingy thing i own would have to be three pots of eyeshadow from Revlon’s streetwear line i bought when i was in high school. Yes, they are well over due to be thrown out, but i just love keeping them for memory’s sake. They’re all very shimmery and creamy with huge chunks of unwearable glitter. Funny how you can pull off stuff like that in high school right? 😀

  3. liloo/tsunimee says

    oh no i am so gutted. i hope it’s still time to enter.
    the most bling thing i have is some black sequin heels from dorothy perkins.
    they’re so bling, never managed to wear them. i think i went too overboard with it. should have never bought them in the first place xx

  4. Vicky Dunn says

    my silver glitter eyeliner. Ive never yet had the bottle to go out in public with it on so I just where it round the house

  5. Emily says

    PURE GLITTER on my eyes. I dabbed a bit of a gloss, then put cosmetic glitter all over the eye. SUPER BLING. :)

  6. Emma G says

    The most Blingy thing I won is a beautiful ruby and diamond ring that my husband bought me on holiday.

  7. Joanna Cummings says

    My most bling thing is is a gold sequin dress, which I wore with a massive fake fur jacket. I think I was channelling my inner Ivana Trump!

  8. carol phile says

    A sparkly red backless top that I hope one day soon to fit back into. I once wore it to a Christmas do with matching devil horns, fork and tail :) All with bright red sequins. Cool.

  9. cara says

    My most blingy thing by far is a little black sequin covered cocktail dress I have.
    Ive only had the nerve to wear it once!! :)

  10. nicola harrison says

    i`m ashamed to say i have a very blingy gold sequine boobtube ! i think i was intoxicated when i bought it !

  11. Allison Pratt says

    The most blingy thing in my wardrobe is a silver sequin dress – just ned to slim down to fit in it for this year’s Christmas Parties!!

  12. Dee says

    A bright pink floor-length dress – I’ve never seen so many beads, sequins and ruffles in one place. It cost me £2.50 from a car boot sale, never been worn, with the designer labels still on.I love it! Just waiting for an appropriate occasion to wear it now …..

  13. elaine taylor says

    black and gold jacket from the late eighties, worn to numerous parties. can’t get rid of it as too many memories attached

  14. Lisa Ellison says

    I have a gold corset style top, which I have never had the confidence to wear !
    (I dont want to enter the competition, just wanted to comment. )
    Good luck everyone.

  15. Jayne Hyman says

    My most bling item is a Michael Jackson ‘Moonwalker’ t-shirt my boyfriend bought me from Brighton, which is covered in rhinestones and which I’ve customised to make it more fitted and give it military style shoulder epaulettes! I love it!

  16. anita bah says

    I have these gold sparkly heels from Enzo. I’m waiting to wear them on my wedding day (not even engaged yet) so I’m saving them up. I can send you a pic they are gorgeous only 60 bucks or so

  17. says

    Hmm, this is a tough one… no, wait, it’s not, I have a sequined leopard top somewhere… and black sequined leggings! Guess it’s clothing for me too! :)