Sunday Chit Chat & Upcoming Posts…

Hi Ladies,

How is your weekend going?! I wish I was doing this…


But alas no rest for the wicked. This weekend I am catching up on work I haven’t had time to do in the week and planning a holiday – oh yes! It’s been a long while since I’ve had one of those. In addition to this I’ve been devising a 6 week get ready for the beach diet plan!

Let’s just say I love food and eating. But with some kind of motivation..this might just work!

Anyway, next week I have for you:

– New Video on Monday
– A Giveaway
– DIY Tutorial
– FOTDs! (Hopefully I am waiting for a new ring flash to arrive, been waiting a while!)
– All the usual daily posts of course!

Meanwhile, this week was all about:

Wild Curls mascara, driving me..erm, wild!

Not to mention the candles that I just love to burn!

On Monday I asked if Hello Kitty’s new sister is any match for her fuzziness.

I received yet another lipbalm but this one had a twist!

I discovered a new lash tool – but not everyone think’s it useful – do you?

I bought 2 lip glosses that smell like Fairy Washing Up Liquid (other brands are available…) and found a highlighting concealer that harnesses the goodness of Macaroons!

I found my top blusher for the summer – which is all kinds of pretty…

Finally, I set you the question – do YOU buy limited edition and out of season make up online?

See you next week,

Lots of Love,

Ms Candy X

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