Summer time smelly! Deodorant Reviews, Deo Sherbet Bar and 8×4 Roll On Review

Smelly situations occur anywhere, anytime. I was recently in London on a tube and was amazed by the amount of stinky pits around me.  I was in the post office and a duo extremely, extremely stinky walked in and stunk the whole place out.  I was on a tram a very stinky person sat near by – it was a horrific smell, like rotting meat.

And all I could do was hold my breath!

But I’m pretty sure every one is guilty of forgetting to put deodorant on sometimes.  But in the summer I always carry some with me just in case it gets really hot and sweaty.

Here are two of my recent purchases:


Deo Sherbert Bar 8 x 4 Roll on deodorant

Both of these deodorants are from Japan! I bought Ishizawa Lab Deo Shebert Deodorant Bar just because it looked cute – this is a stick deodorant.  I bought another roll on from a very popular Kao range 8×4 to try too…

The 8X4 range seems to have spray, roll on, mini spray versions of the same scents.  I like how they have full size and mini roll ons (the mini is a great handbag size, I have the standard one).

This yellow one I believe is Citrus.  I have smelt it quite a few times and it’s just quite fresh, to me.

The 8×4 is a very liquid texture but it doesn’t run or anything.  It is supposed to kill the bacteria that causes BO (and I really think it does – it doesn’t just mask the smell).  It is also supposed to care for the skin and I am SURE I can smell the faintest twinge of alcohol? But then again it doesn’t sting so..I’m not sure!

Ishizawa Lab Deo Shebert Deodorant Bar is a soft bar type product. It works quite well but is a little bit tough to use in that it needs quite a few strokes to get on the skin.

Deodorane 8 x 4 Roll On Deo Sherbet Bar

I am not a fan of spray deodorants. Unfortunately, they make my arm pits itch and irritated which is why I prefer roll on and bar deodorants.

So, do you have a deodorant preference?

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  1. Pikko says

    where did u order these 2? i’m always on the search for some new deodorant that WORKS but are not economy sized like the ones in the states! i’m also searching for an anti-perspirant that WORKS … any suggestions?

  2. says

    I prefer solid stick deodorants though I haven’t found one that doesn’t cause my underarms to go all white flakey and awkward.
    Sprays simply mask the scent in a very annoying way and roll on’s take forever to dry!

    • Row says

      Hi Ashley

      Actually you know the Body Shop one is a really good stick deodorant. The one in blue smells amazing!

  3. says

    Hmm..just the sound of sherbet sounds like a winner for me. I don’t like sprays or roll-ons (also, because they take too long to dry). I’ve tried powders (Lush), and was thinking of doing a crystal. Lately, I’ve been super anti anti-perspirant. I think that my underarms look much nicer when I don’t use one, and also was thinking that maybe all that stuff is meant to just come out.

    As of late, I like Lavanila’s line :)

    • Row says

      Hi Fantastic

      I used a crystal it was good BUTTTT I don’t think it helped in super sweaty conditions. At the same time, I HATE putting lots of products on my underarm I don’t think it’s natural at all so I’m trying to find a mid-ground!