Anyone else obsessed with lists?

I am!  Everywhere I look there are pieces of paper full of lists, relevant one day then completely pointless the next.  I think this year I will keep a lists notebook, specifically for all my to dos and erratic thoughts then look back next year (2010 people!) and see how my prorites changed over the months.

I have been able to blog a lot over Christmas but not its back to the grind and unfortunately piles of projects I have to start finish.

However, next week I will be announcing all the winners of the giveaways! Woot!

I am thinking of less posts, but longer, more detailed ones – what do you think? Or do you like the short little burst of rants, pictures and news too?

Lemmie know!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I like the short little bursts, but with frequency! As I always take a look at your blog when I’m supposed to be working which I set out to do on my to do lists…

  2. Row says

    Hey Elizabeth

    I have to say, I tend to like writing short little reviews and things but I never know if people prefer to read things in greater detail or not :)

  3. says

    SHORT Bursts! Definitely!!! Spur of the moment type of posts like what you’re doing :)

    I am into lists too and I got this handy organizer for the longest time! I am obsessed!!! :)

  4. Row says

    Hey Nikki

    That’s what I want to do to! I realise I dont have time to write a diary, so instead, I want to keep a note of my lists…there are so many, so many!

  5. Li says

    I love lists and LOVE this new layout, the best so far, it’s restful and functional – good work!