Stop the flakies! Dandrazol Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review

I have used SO MANY shampoos over the years for my flaky, itchy, sensitive scalp. The doctor has recommended various types to me, like T-Gel and some prescription ones but to be honest, they didn’t do that much for me (or at least not in the long term).

I bought this shampoo from Boots on a total whim – I just happened to see it but hadn’t heard of it before. This shampoo is called Dandrazol – it comes in 2 sizes, I bought the small one which I finished, and recently got the big one which was around £9.

Dandrazol contains the antifungal ingredient Ketoconazole that treats the underlying cause of dandruff and helps restore the scalp back to normal healthy state.Dandrazol is an effective treatment shampoo that only needs to be used for short periods, and then only periodically to prevent dandruff.


This shampoo is used twice weekly for 2-4 weeks and you leave it on your scalp for 3-5 minutes each time.

For prevention use the shampoo once a week for 1-2 weeks. You can use your normal shampoo inbetween treatments and you can even use them together (use the normal shampoo first then the Dandrazol) – for example if you have long and thick hair or like to wash twice.

All I can say is this that this WORKED for me, totally. I’ve waited 6 weeks of using it to be sure, but this has stopped me:

1. Scratching my scalp

2. Getting flakies

3. Needing to wash my hair every day (I can do it every other day now).

Good eh!?

I have tried numerous scalp shampoos and treatments and most have worked for a bit then stopped working. This has been the first one that has just been so…effective. I sat there on the way home one day and though huh…I haven’t scratched my scalp for days!

See, at it’s worse it’s not flakies that bother me, it’s the itching. It was almost an addiction at one point, to scratch. It makes your scalp sore, red, sensitive.

This is the shampoo. It has a mild medicinal scent, no where as smelly as T-Gel or Polytar.


It’s fairly easy to lather, I really work it into the scalp, leave it for a bit as I scrub up, then rinse it off. I condition as normal afterwards.




This stuff has been amazing and it’s a completely random find. I will keep on using this as it’s completely controlling my itchies.

I bought this from Boots, you’ll find it near T-Gel and other scalp shampoos in the medicine section. There’s 2 sizes, it was something like £6 and £9 for the bigger one.

Do you have any scalp issues? If so how do you remedy it?

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  1. Jen says

    Hi Rowena, glad you finally found something to combat the dry itchy scalp! I suffered badly for about a year during uni with seborrhoeic dermatitis, and it was so intensely itchy I was scratching and picking until it was red raw! The GP prescribed Nizoral, which actually has the same ingredient as the Dandrazol, which seemed to clear it up after perservering with treatment…I found that if I neglected to use it a couple of times a week then the itchiness would tend to creep back slowly!
    I still get flare-ups now and again, and I think sometimes it’s due in part to stress because I find it tends to flare up whenever I’m a bit stressed out! So I always have a bottle of the ketoconazole (Boot’s own brand!) in my bathroom just in case…it’s a weird pinky colour!

    Here’s to itch-free scalps! 😀

  2. orchidjadedx says

    do you know where can i buy this from the US? i really wanna try this and have been looking for one that works but have not had any luck yet…thx

  3. says

    I completely agree, about stress aggravating the flaky flare-ups! My derma told me once I had some form of proriasis but never confirmed. My hair is very thick and I use lots of product in it. I don’t shampoo every day and I find that when I’m more stressed , the flakiness gets even more out of control. I don’t like the anti dandruff stuff the docs recommend because they are usually very harsh. I look for natural ingredients . I found a line that is really good, called Davines. I like their natural tech purifying anti dandruff shampoo – has pine and sage oil in it and the natural tech line is 80 % organic.

    • Row says

      hi Mimiface

      Yeah I am quite busy and stressed in my day to day life so it could be that.

      I don’t use many hair products though and I shampoo every day. I really like this stuff – I will look into Davines, thank you and I like natural oils too!!!!x

  4. says

    I use a prescription shampoo with the same ingredient! I’ve never seen that ingredient at drug stores before, but yes, ketoconazole works wonders for my flaky scalp too!

    I use it every other day, and use shampoos like Selsun Blue, Head & Shoulders, and baby shampoo on other days. My doc said T-Gel probably won’t help that much, but T-Sal would. She also gave me some anti-inflammatory topical liquid and creams when my scalp and ear gets itchy.

    I was doing ONLY Selsun Blue and Head & Shoulders to no avail for the longest time, so yes, ketoconazole feels like a miracle!

    • Row says

      Hey Gloria

      Yay! Fantastic. I have tried other active ingredient shampoos this is the first that worked for me x

  5. Harpreet says

    ive tried this twice now, and this stuff is amazing! it has cleared up my dandruff.

    thank you so much for this review, because if i didnt know of this product i still would have been suffering!!