Stocking Filler: Korres Jasmine Butter To Go Set

Korres, Korres, how lovely is thee?

Now – I have pretty much tried every ‘To Go Set’ Korres has released, and as a result tried a lot of the body butters and lip balms.

Korres Lip Balms are glorious – they are, but up until now, I’ve found the colour selection a little bright (as I slap lip balm on and the Korres ones are pigmented) so the bright pink of Pomegranate, the deep Plum, the bright Quince are a little too vivid for me to moisturise and go. However, the texture of the lip butter itself, is perfect.

Then, Korres released this new set in Jasmine:

jasmine korres body butter.jpg

So its not a fruity one this time. Jasmine in a lip balm? Hmmmm I thought.

Anyway it comes in a pretty zip up bag for gifting:

Korres Jasmine to go butter-1.jpg

The product itself…now I’ve always liked Korres, they seem to really make an effort to use organic ingredients and avoid nasty preservatives. But am still dubious about flowery scented lip glosses…Well this Jasmine set is divine. Just gorgeous. My favourite body butter ‘flavour’ and my favourite lip butter Korres as released so far. Why?

Well the Body Butter smells like Jasmine Tea – the scent for me, is completely spot on. Not too sweet or flowery, it smells like a fresh cup of loose Jasmine leaf tea.

The body butter is quite thick and perfect for my dry spots not that its winter.

The lip butter also smells divine, has a lovely texture and significantly (on a lip balm critique level, not on a world peace level) is the perfect pink-nude colour!

Korres jasmine to go.jpg

Its beautiful! Wearable and soothing too.

Perfect gift to yourself for being so….good?

You can buy it here (and various other stockists) for £11.00, a bit of a bargain methinks, as the lip butter is full size.

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  1. says

    Love the Korres line. I have about 5-6 of the lip butters, but only the Guava body butter suits my scent preference. Jasmine lip butter has an almost sparkly sheen and really nice texture. Definitely a better choice for a ‘plain’ sheer lip butter (no tint) then the guava lip butter which I find too thick and waxy in texture, with an odd opaque creamish tint (on my lips anyways). I’m a ‘brown skinned’ girl though so the tints in the lip butters are more user friendly for me as they are sheer looking on my skin tone, which wouldn’t be the case for someone with pale or medium skin tones.

  2. says

    ooh, the scent sounds fantastic! I want to get this set!!! Argh… lol. I’m definitely going to spend too much this winter.

  3. Caroline says

    oo, after trying the korres lip butter I got from your sale, this sound’s really nice. I love the texture of the balm 😀