Stinky Hair? Try Mandom’s Baby Veil Hair Fragrance in Fruity!

I have a friend at work who I adore but she loves to smoke – I personally cannot stand cigarette smoke so when we go for lunch together, she has a habit of blowing it out near me. As I result I stink of cig smoke!

And I get it in my hair – I HATE smelly hair.

I bought this Hair Fragrance from Mandom (I know, Mandom!) to use on my hair during these stinky times.


There’s floral and fruit fragrances to choose from.

The milky but light texture essence comes with long lasting fragrance ingredients that keep your hair beauty for long. It also comes with moisturizing ingredients for hair nourishment as well as increasing the hair glossiness to some extent.

In a way this is not just about making your hair smell nice but also about refreshing it in general – a bit like with dry shampoo. I am growing to like dry shampoo but I still struggle with the powder effect because I don’t like matte looking hair.

There’s two sizes, I chose the smaller one so it could go in my handbag –


So I wasn’t what to expect from this product – but actually its rather fab – Because its a gel which I think – reduces oiliness as well.


It does not leave the hair greasy AT ALL, it also adds quite a strong, nice scent. Its the best hair refresher that I have at the moment, I prefer it over powder shampoos because there’s none of that matte finish-powder at the roots thing going on.

I purchased this from Alphabeautyuk on eBay! About £5.

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  1. says

    I hate it when my hair smells too – from either walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke or something similar. I had no idea something like this existed! *jots it down on her list* :)

    • Row says

      Hi Heather!

      I hate it too but I dont like spraying perfume in my hair or dry shampoo so this is ideal!

  2. says

    That is fantastic because it looks clear, unlike those powdered spray dry shampoos that looks like your hair has turned grey when using it (on everyone that is not blonde anymore, which is a laaarge amount of people on this planet)…yummy, another item to watch on ebay