Still Annoying: Messy Superdrug Counters

I have talked many times before about the messy state of Superdrug stands
and also here.

That was a long time ago. I do shop in Superdrug, not because the prices are better than Boots (although they can be, I’d rather collect the points) but for brands like Sleek, Bloom and GOSH who are exclusive to Superdrug.

What a shame then, that they just cannot keep their counters clean and tidy, as well as stocked.

stupid cat.jpg

I visited on Sunday with the intention of buying some of the Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios and a GOSH lipstick (in Darling!).

The eyeshadow I wanted (two left) BOTH had cracks in lids – deep cracks and no one in their right mind would have bought them.

The GOSH counter was a state, the lipstick that was left had been opened and used.

Then I went to the tills to pay and for some reason my card wouldn’t work (I found out later that this was because Co-op bank was DOWN! Pretty big diaster when people can’t even use their own money.)

Anyway I asked if she could try a different machine – she said no. I asked if I could run out to the cash machine or grab Mr Candy who was wondering around outside. No she said, looking towards the door – they were shutting very soon.

So I left empty handed. Would have spent about £26. Will go to Boots instead and go on eBay for my Bourjois.

Meanwhile – this is not a joke – I took a photo of the ‘Reduced to Clear’ stand. No one in their right mind would ever look or even buy anything from it. No decent store manager would allow this to be in the shop:


Smeared foundation? Half opened products? Gross.

The Trafford Centre store is a busy and important store to Superdrug I’m sure. Guys, sort it out – its disgusting when every thing a customer wants to buy was either already opened, or damaged in some way.

It also makes the brands themselves look bad. Boots may be understocked at times but they I have never seen a dirty or gross counter there.

Any horror stories (not just about Superdrug) to share? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. says

    Thats the same for all of the Superdrugs I go to bar the one next to Charing Cross station and the one at Victoria Station which both seem well staffed. The one near the town I live in regularly has broken and dirty stuff out, or no stock of anything. Completely useless, I have seen more enthusiastic staff at KFC! X

    • Row says

      Hi Sarah

      It might just be me but Superdrug seem to hire quite young staff. Teens, practically. Boots tend to go for older staff or more of a mix any how. Not to talk teens out of a job, but there seems to be little responsiblity for the make up counters – they are disgusting!

      The Superdrug in the Trafford Centre MUST be a flagship store up North. God knows the shops there pay £££££££££ to be in there so how they can let it get so skanky I don’t know.

  2. says

    Oh.My. Days.

    Those reduced box items should be banned! health freakin hazard. I thought it was just my store! looks like it could be a nationwide pandemic! It’s sad really that they have to resort to such foolywang. Might as well just throw it out. You’re right. No one in their right mind would buy it!

    • Row says

      Hi Dvora

      Thats the thing – if its going to be such a state, may as well not bother at all. It was so gross I didn’t even want to touch it so clearly nothing is going to be sold from it! Urgh!

  3. says

    Thats shocking, it really is. You should email Superdrug Row with that picture. I wouldn’t even attempt to look in that Reduced to Clear box, I might aswell go and root around in a skip!


  4. roisin says

    I hate those reduced to clear boxes, they should be called “this is where we put the rubbish and hope to make some money off of it” . But you’re right it’s seems to eb the same everywhere they should get their staff to take better care of it.

    • Row says

      Hi Roisin

      I know! If its not going to be maintained they they are better off just not having them on the shop floor – give the items to charity or your staff instead!

  5. Chica says

    Christ Superdrug is a state! The one in Liverpool 1 was nice when it first opened 😉 Still pretty decent compared to most but give it time!
    I only go there now to get my GOSH eyeliner fix but apart from that I’d rather pay more in Boots or shop in Debenhams where their stock hasn’t been opened and played with by gangs of grubby 13 year olds :)
    Hopefully GOSH will sell elsewhere too, then I can avoid it altogether.

  6. acelira says

    It looks like you took the picture in Silent Hill… O_O how can someone be so shameless to sell garbage.