Stay Hydrated! Melvita Beurre de Karite Shea Butter Repairing Balms Review

It’s chilly chilly outside, I don’t know about you but my skin is making me pay! The cold weather outside, the air conditioning at work and heaters at home mean my skin has lots of little dry patches which I am just about under control of (just about).

I’ve not used Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream for years, so I needed something that was a instant intensive repair balm/cream/salve.

Melvita’s Beurre de Karite is a shea butter in a tin – there’s a large 100ml one for the home and a mini Karite Soft at 20ml. Perfect for the handbag!


Shea Butter is effective at soothing and hydrating extremely dry or sensitive skin. Our Shea Butter is blended with natural Vitamin E and melts at skin temperature so is easily applied to face or body.

Harvested in West Africa, this organic Shea butter is obtained using a traditional method of extraction and without the use of solvents.

I am a bit of a butter fan…The reason is I used to make soaps! So I had to buy a load of different butters to try out to see which worked the best in soap.

Shea is a ‘soft’ butter, it’s nicely gooey when warm and moisturises nicely. To use in a neat form it’s far better than Cocoa butter which is too hard to use on it’s own.

I really like this Shea Butter! Admittedly, you could bulk buy Shea butter from a supplier if you wanted to cover yourself in it every day, but quality can vary. This is really nice quality shea butter and I just love the texture which is soft – like a dense ice cream.

I’m not too into balms that are too hard, I just find them tricky to use and this is nice and soft, which is not too oily:


I’ve used this on dry patches on my body and face mainly. There’s no scent or colour, I thought is good.

The back:


The mini size which is good for the handbag is nice for the lips and dry patches – for some reason it’s a different colour (Shea butter can vary in colour but I’m not sure why the large and smaller size are since you’d think they’d be a bit more consistent).

The ingredients list is THE SAME in both products, and this feels the same as the white shea butter:


You may notice sometimes these balms can feel a bit grainy – this just happens with some natural butters.

It works as a lip balm but there’s less gloss than with a traditional one. Because I have so many lovely lip balms this would just be a back up lip product.

You can get the small size for £6 and large for £16.

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  1. Kitty says

    Oooooo this looks nice!! I love shea butter too, but my favourites are vit E creams!! Shea butter smells so nice, but like you, I already have so many lovely lipbalms, I don’t need this yet, but I might try it next time I find myself low on lipbalm! Thank you for the review 😀