Stash Pics!

Just gratuity. I was going to write down every product I have but about 2 draws in I considered putting my head in a gas oven instead so I stopped. Nevertheless, maybe one day I’ll get round to it.

Eyeliners, lippies etc.


More palettes:

Solo shadows:

Gel Liners:

Cream eyeshadows:


Random – I can’t be arsed now drawer:

Liquid liners and bases:


Lips Part 2:


Mineral Make Up:


Skin Powders:

I really can’t be bothered now drawer:

Brand new stuff:

Brand new x 2:

That’s very brief, sorry! But it’s the best I can do at the moment hope you recognised some brands there!

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  1. Caroline says

    I didn’t realise you had so much make-up :o.
    I love the pink drawers, where did you get t from?
    And the see through separators holder thingy?

  2. says

    Can I have your Nars drawer?

    I just sent this post to my sisters who all say that I have too much makeup. I think I have only 1/8 of what you have.

  3. Gabby says

    I love to see other peoples stashes. mine is quite ridiculous. i don’t think there is enough camera space in the world to take pics of my whole collection. hmm maybe i should be revealing that. hahahahaha

  4. maryjoyce says

    Goodness!!! i thought i have many makeup, but my collection is like 1/3 or less than yours.! Love your collection!

  5. says

    oh WOW!!! I would love to get even your “I can’t be even bothered” drawer! Thanks for sharing the photos love your collection!

  6. Kiyo says

    Ohmygahd! D:
    I wish to have a collection like yours some day!
    I hope you don’t mind me saying this but

    Continue with what you do! :]

    And I definitely recognized a lot of brands~

  7. Row says

    Hey Stephy!

    Do you like it :/ I am kind of overwhelmed by it at the moment and don’t have time to sort through it all properly!

  8. Row says

    Hi Sue

    I have been collection for about…..3-4 years! When I think about it, it wasn’t untill I left University that I even started wearing mascara!

  9. Row says

    Hi Caroline

    Pink Drawers was from a local food supplies store (its for the kitchen really). Which plastic divider do you mean? The dividers I use in my filing drawers is from, and is about £5 (this will fit into 2 drawers).

  10. Row says


    That’s embarassing 😮 do I have that much? I didn’t notice it all accumulating then suddenly, there’s no space in my flat!

  11. Row says

    Hey Nikki

    Now you mention it, my I cant Be bothered draw is one of the first ones I go to as its a mix of goodies!

  12. Row says

    Hey Medina!

    I have so much Nars (now I think of it probably more than any other brand) i thought it would be neater in its own box!

  13. says

    I can never look at Pout product packaging without becoming misty-eyed and nostalgic. Did you buy it all when it was full price, or did you manage to score much of it during the clearance sales? What is your favorite Pout product out of the lot?

  14. Wei says

    Oh. Em. Gee.

    I’m drooling at your stash and lol-ing at the ladies who’ve said they have a third, or an eighth of it! I have about an eighth of one of your boxes 😀 you are truly an inspiration, albeit a rather dangerous one 😛

  15. says

    The Nars drawer is the most mind boggling :) I did recognize a lot of the products. Actually I’m surprised you have Everyday Minerals stuff! Did you like their products?