Spritz in Summer: Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Moisture in Lavender Review

A few months ago I had a bit of a fad for Lavender.  Truth is, I’ve always disliked Lavender, then people kept telling me how it would be good for my sensitive skin, and how relaxing it was…so I bought a number of products scented by the purple flower.

Jill Stuart’s Fruit & Aroma Mist Moisture is one of the items I indulged in.  I have a ton of face mists and really, do I ever use them? Not in public anyway.

Jill Stuart Fruit and Aroma Mist Lavender

This lotion comes in 2 scents, and is supposed to hydrate the skin.  This also contains peppermint extract that is supposed to reduce excess oil and shine and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Being Jill Stuart this is quite expensive (about £18) but boy is it pretty!

Look at it – quite a good size to carry round too, it’s not too big:

Jill Stuart Fruit aroma mist moisture lavender

It does smell of lavender but in a very subtle way – there’s also a floral edge to it, (no fruitiness I can detect!).  The strangest thing for me about this product is how ‘misty’ the pump is! This pump produces the finest ever layer of mist – I mean THIN. I mean, if you spray this in public, it’s going to hit the three people sat closest to you too.

I like this – I mean it is not going to create any nasty splodges on your face, it is not going to disturb your make up, it is not going to leave big droplets on your face. It’s very light.

This means you want to pump it a bit more though = more product used = quickly used up.

The top of this bottle reminds me of the crystals from The Crystal Maze.

Jill Stuart Lavender Fruit Aroma Mist


This product is quite expensive and you can definitely get better face mists for less. If you fancy something in Lavender that looks super pretty and can double for a crystal from the crystal maze, then this is not a bad purchase.

*I bought this from eBay

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