Spring 2010 Wildflower Collection Nail Polishes by Barielle

So I don’t go nuts that often over Nail Polish but I did get all jittery when I saw the Wildflower Collection by Barielle for Spring. Its not quite pastel but its not neon either. Its pretty but interesting at the same time:

Barielle Spring 2010.jpg

The colours are inspired by florals (as you will see by the names). I really love June Bug. And Myzra’s Meadow. But anyway, here are the colours:

Barielle A bouquet for aa.jpg

A Bouquet for Eva: A cool Caribbean blue.

Barielle Myrzas meadow.jpg

Myzra’s Meadow: a light lime green with silver glitter.

Barielle june bug.jpg

June Bug (Love): A teal with fuchsia glitter.

barielle blossom.jpg

Blossom: Opaque Peach (gorge!)

barielle snap dragon.jpg

Snap Dragon: A metallic seafoam green

barielle daring dahlia.jpg

Daring Dahlia: Deep fuchsia with a hint of metallic silver.

What do you think of the collection? I am most definitely eyeing 4 of the shades, but what they hey, the whole lot looks pretty snazzy.

Barielle polishes are £8 each and you can buy them from here.

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  1. says

    I absolutely love “A bouquet for Ava” & “June Bug” – great post, have been looking forward to seeing these talked about by a UK blogger. Barielle are aweesome, they don’t get enough blog exposure in the UK. Nice find!

  2. Li says

    I love these, Myzra’s Meadow, JUNE BUG! and the pink one, are all lovely. Would love to see what June Bug looks like on. I collected nail polishes when I was 14 – I had about 60. Some of them are well kept and still gorgeous, these are the first I’ve seen (apart from Chanel : ) that bring it all back to me, always an addict! lol

  3. lm says

    You know, the Blossom is beautiful, but I don’t see the difference between it and the ‘Skinny Dip’ from last year’s collection.

    Guess I’ll have to go out and shop and see :-)