Sponsored Video: Nivea Powder Touch

Nivea has launched a new gentle but powerful deodorant to their currently vast range of skin and bodycare products, called Powder Touch.  This deodorant lasts for up to an impressive 48 hours (great for long days, holidays, journeys, festivals and so on), and dries instantly to avoid stickiness.
Nivea Powder Touch was tested by the English National Ballet ballerina, Jennie Harrington, to demonstrate it’s effectiveness.  Jennie started dancing at the age of 5 and has been with the English National Ballet for 11 years.


The film below demonstrates Jennie’s talents and the contrast between her tough and powerful rehearsing routines next to her elegant and delicately refined dance moves. Nivea’s Powder Touch provides protection throughout.


Nivea Powder Touch was created after researching amongst over 8,000 women to find what traits the perfect underarm protection has – these included a pleasant scent, none stickiness, long lasting protection and something that is quick drying (I would also add none staining to that list!).

Powder Touch is scented with fresh citrus notes (Bergamot and orange, extracts of rose and Lily of the Valley) to leave you smelling fresh and ready for the day. It also contains Kaolin, a popular ingredient in face masks for oily skin, as it is a natural clay mineral that has absorbent properties without drying out your skin. The deodorant is available in different variations to suit every woman (a stick for me please!);

– Nivea Powder Touch Spray 250ml, £3.29

– Nivea Powder Touch Spray 150ml, £2.29

– Nivea Powder Touch roll on, £2.29

– Nivea Powder Touch stick, £2.29

Find out more about Nivea via their website here, follow them on Twitter, watch all their videos on You Tube or follow Jennie’s story via their Facebook.

*This post has been sponsored by Nivea

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