Speed Review: Home Hair Straightening with Dariya Venezel

At the very start of the year I tried out this home hair straightening kit from Dariya (a well known Japanese brand) Venezel.  They have a treatment for long and short hair- I got the long hair version.

Dariya Venezel hair straightener

I had very very curly frizzy hair (I forgot to take a pre-treatment shot but basically I had a perm that never grew out).  

The straightening treatment is not exactly straightforward…

Well I guess it doesn’t help that it’s in Japanese.  

Thank god for pictures:

Dariya Venezel hair straightener 1

The basics of this is (for the love of god if you decide to buy this and use it, get a proper translation – I got a friend to translate it but I don’t know where it’s gone) – put part 1 on your hair, leave it for 5-20 minutes but generally stick to the lower end of the scale, dry the hair straight, put on the second part of the lotion to set  rinse well and dry.

Once again – that is what I remember doing, PLEASE DO get a proper translation or learn Japanese if you decide to buy this. 

The kit:

Dariya Venezel hair straightener 2

I’ve had a profesional straightening treatment before with Global Keratin which was obviously much better than anything I could do at home – it’s not that easy blow drying your hair super straight or making sure you’ve had chemicals on for the right amount of time (once you’ve applied it to the front, it’s been on a lot longer than the back etc. etc.)

However I don’t know if these treatments are for me.  For one thing they do use quite strong chemicals an
d my skin is sensitive as it is and they are drying. 

I found this product VERY VERY VERY VERY DRYING. As I already had coloured hair I left the 1st part of the chemical on my hair for  just 10 minutes but after the whole process was done,my hair was not that straight (it was less frizzy though) but it was like straw that had been sundried in the sahara desert.

Dariya Venezel

It was one of the worst things I have ever done to my hair, and that includes accidentally letting it get sucked into the back end of a hairdryer and twist into a giant knot which needed shearing off. I was 9.  


Not worth it, would never use again, will stick to GHDs if I want straight hair quite frankly.

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