Speed Review: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm review

As a general rule, I like Elemis very much; it’s an elegant range, everything I’ve tried from it is decent to excellent and I just love the spa feel of the brand (yes, I know it is a spa brand but you know what I mean).  One day I will have a bathroom that looks like an Elemis spa. Don’t know how practical that would be, but it’s a dream…

Now I have one of their rather popular skincare items here to review – something I’ve been trying for a while.  The Pro-Collagen range for Elemis is popular (I have used the Pro-Collagen cream before) and this cleanser is the perfect addition. I like cleansing balms very much – because I have dry skin which naturally goes tight after cleansing when using oil, foaming and gel cleansers (generally), I find that balms and milks are less harsh on my skin.  

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm review

Elemis’ Cleansing Balm contains rose and mimosa waxes, starflower and elderberry oils and more. It doesn’t contain mineral oil or paragons, which is a plus for me.  It also comes with a flannel (I am a flannel fan – the Elemis one is nice, I’d love it if it was thicker though) rather than muslin (I don’t get using muslin to cleanse, it’s what I use for straining things).  

To use this cleansing balm, it needs to be warmed up in the hands and smoothed over the face.  It can also be used to massage into the skin before wiping away with warm water. 

I love that about cleansing balms – that you can give yourself a little massage. I usually can’t wait to get foamy cleansers off my skin.  

Few pointers;

I think this removes make up nicely. It does NOT take off my eye make up and it stings, so I would use a separate make up remover.  

I doesn’t make my skin feel dry and tight afterwards.

It comes off nicely, it does need a bit of warm water though and a good flannel to get it off.  

It has a distinctive herbally smell- I quite like it but I do like those kind of aromatherapy type scents. 

At £39.50 for 105g it is expensive! I am maybe a bit generous with cleansing balms, and I reckon I could get through this rather quickly. If you can see past this then this is a lovely cleanser to invest in if you want to have a nice soothing make up removal experience.  

I have also been using RMK’s cleansing balm (more on this later) but I can say I am a Cleansing Balm convert, although I will always have different types of cleansers on my bathroom shelf.

Buy it here.

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    I’m coming around to the idea of cleansing balms even though I have oiler skin. They do feel nicer that using a foaming cleanser. Omorovicza has a great cleansing mitt – you can stick your hand in it and it’s thick unlike muslin. I agree with you on that one!