Speed Review: Dr Bronner’s Magic All One Baby Mild Balm and Pure Castile Soap Review

Baby H now has a rather impressive stable of skincare products – I only use gentle products that are as natural as possible that work for his delicate skin.  

Dr Bronner is a range I find interesting – I went through a phase when they first arrived in the UK of buying every single Dr Bronner wash available and trying them out.  I thought they were very nice although I didn’t go on to buy any more.  

I recently tried a small selection of Dr Bronner products suitable for baby; the Baby Mild Body Balm and Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap:

Dr Bronner s Magic All One Baby Mild Balm and Pure Castile Soap Review

The point of Dr Bronner products is that they are multi tasking, so with the mild wash (which is not fragrance) it can be used to clean baby’s skin but also even for the laundry.  

The soap is based on Castile soap, which is named after a region of Spain where olive oil soaps were invented.  The soap is based on a simple vegetable based formulation which is great for people with sensitive skin.  I have always been interested in Castile soap (I used to make soap as a hobby) and it’s quite a craft to get them completely right, especially liquid castile soaps…to be honest, it’s much easier to buy it!

The balm comes in a tin and is handy sized for caring around.  It contains beeswax and organic oils.  There’s no scent added but there’s a slight natural smell from the oils (not like Vaseline which doesn’t smell of anything).  

In terms of using these products, I enjoyed using these products even though they aren’t fancy.  The Body Wash is a really nice liquid texture which is quite nice to wash the hair with and left baby H clean with drying his skin out.  It doesn’t smell as nice as some other baby cleansers I have, but if you are trying to avoid all scents, then this is a good option. 

The baby mild balm (I have quite a big selection of balms already) is one of the harder textured ones I have, probably because it’s all natural balms.  It reminds me of a lip balm texture, it’s not waxy but you do need to scrape up a bit of product, warm it between your fingers then spread it on to the affected areas.  It’s works quite well, although I think I prefer my more richer balms, such as L’Occitane (reviewed here) which seem to sit on the skin for longer (which I prefer if treating say a dry patch).  I’d prefer Dr Bronner for the lips though. 


Dr Bronner s Magic All One Baby Mild Balm and Pure Castile Soap Review 1

Dr. Bronner’s is available UK nationwide including Liberty, select Waitrose stores and leading health shops including Planet Organic and Whole Foods

RRP for 18-in-1 Hemp Pure Castile Soap 8 fl oz £5.49, travel size 2fl oz £1.99, body balm £3.99

*PR Sample

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