Sparkly Twinkly Glittery Good: Trish McEvoy Lip Gloss in Irresistible

What do you get when you crush and blend together 3 Disney princesses, a Tiffany’s counter, some glycerine and Tinkerbell’s wings?

You get the sparkliest, most princessy lipgloss, ever.

This gloss I bought from Trish McEvoy. Nope – didn’t have a great experience the last time I went on a Trish counter, but this purchase is from the time before….

trish mcevoy lip gloss irrestitble.jpg

I promised myself there would be no more lip glosses since they go off quickly and I have so many at the moment I have to get round to using. But you make exceptions….

trish mcevoy lip gloss.jpg

Irresistible is a bronze based gloss, with tons and tons of multi coloured micro sparkles. It stands out – or rather twinkles out – from the crowd of glosses on the counter.

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There was another gloss on Trish which was also very beautiful – a deep red with gold shimmer, but anyway – I made my choice.

trish mcevoy.jpg

The Trish lip gloss as a peppermint scent to it and yes it makes the lips feel cool and tingle a tiny bit. Nothing major, no lip plumping intentions here. I don’t normally dig peppermint on the lips but I didn’t mind this one.

The brush is quite a small head – good idea really as you can eally make sure you get a neat outline around the lips:


trish mcevoy sparkling lip gloss.jpg

The bronze base seems obvious here but it was pretty sheer once on my lips. If bronze seems weird as a gloss for you (like if you are very pale) be aware that this can easily be worn sheer.

This gloss is from the same kind of super glittery lip gloss family, as MAC Dazzle Glass and Chanel Celestes Levres Scintillantes Glossimer collections. They look amazing when the light has fallen and you’ve got reflections and streetlights on shining on your lips:

trish mcevoy lip gloss irresistable.jpg

My favourite glittery Chanel gloss is Big Bang, a sheer red with glitter. Gorgeous but sometimes I get itches from it. I like MAC dazzleglasses but sometimes they lack depth and can be a little unpigmented.

Trish can be pigmented and it doesn’t give me any allergies. This lipgloss wins.

trish mcevoy lip gloss irresistible.jpg


The other shades from the Trish range didn’t stand out to me, just this particular colour and it is beautiful.

The glitter is there but not gritty. It makes lips feel lovely. It is one of my favourite glosses now – but you do have to like sparkle and scent on the lips to like it.

One small criticism is the packaging. The head of the tube, where you take the brush out of, is a little wide so sometimes too much product comes out, or sometimes, it sticks to the wand, near the top.

Apart from that this is the perfect lip gloss for girls who love glitter on the lips. Love it.

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