Sparkly Pluckers! TweezerIT Tweezer Review!

There are two things that I constantly lose; lip balms and tweezers.  This year alone I have misplaced three pairs…I think they are hiding somewhere along with some odd socks, conspiring against me.  But I digress…

A girl can never have enough pairs of good tweezers.  As someone who not so long ago picked up some 99p ones from Home Bargains, I can confirm that cheap tweezers that are hard to hold, or don’t quite meet in the middle will never quite cover all my tweezing needs. 

Then comes another one…Tweezerit!

Tweezerit Gorgeously Groomed Brows to Be Proud Of Inbox

Tweezerit! have a large range of tweezers on offer, and are crafted from high grade stainless steel and hand finished.  I chose a pair of the ‘curve’ range because I find that the extra room for the thumb and finger makes the tweezers easier to clamp together and grip.  

The fact that they are sparkly and come in 5 colour choices doesn’t hurt! There are 5 shades to choose from, mine is Emerald, which is more of a Lime really, than an emerald.

Stainless Steel tweezers can be steralised completely if like me, you are forced to do everyone’s eyebrows (well…in my family I mean) and they are anti magnetic.  

There is the curve shape (that I picked) but also the ‘flat shape’ and  ‘coated shape’ – this is interesting as I haven’t seen a brand with these different heads to choose from before. I know I don’t do so well with the flat shape (it tends to pinch) so curve and coated suit my eye shape:

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All of Tweezeit! Tweezers have a lifetime guarantee.  Pah! you think, why would you need that? Well, as someone who has blunt very expensive eyebrow scissors from Shu Uemura which are not as useful as a banana peeler…a lifetime guarantee is a good thing, I promise. 

Anyway – so how did I find these Tweezerit! tweezers?

Very good!

I am pretty about my tweezers.  There are lots of decent ones out there these days for around £10+ but sometimes they just don’t have what it takes to get the really fine hairs I find.  The Tweezerit! ones are very grippy, which I like, and had no problems getting fine hairs.  The tip I used to ease a few ingrown ones out, once again with no problems.

The curve shape works nicely for cleaning up under the brow.  I found it harder to use to clean up on the top of my brow, but that’s because I felt like I had to turn it on it’s side somewhat – I would prefer to use the flatter shape tweezer for areas like that but it depends on how you like to hold your tweezers.

My current favourite tweezers are now; Japonesque, Shu Uemura (when it’s not blunt…their stuff goes blunt so easily I’ve realised) and these Tweezerit! ones.  I have a selection of the other big guns in my collection (such as Sharvata and Tweezerman) but they are just ok in my opinion.

Tweezerit! Curve tweezers are £25 a pair and can be purchased here

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