Spa Review: Massage at The Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden

I visited the Thai Square Spa in the heart of Covent Garden recently – and to be honest I was worried after this little debacle. Thankfully, as soon as I arrived at the Thai Square Spa I knew I was dealing with a different kettle of fish…

Inside the Spa, in the reception area which is spotless, is an area for nails and toes, and a rather cool eating area (I didn’t have time to eat there or I would’ve I love Thai food!). The treatments take place downstairs in a number of immaculate and gorgeously designed treatment rooms which I had a nosy at…



I was taken downstairs by my therapist (I forget her name – it was quite a traditional Thai name, sorry!) where I took off my shoes and put on slippers. I was then shown to a changing area, where I was presented with a locker, and I changed into robes and locked all my belongings safely away.

When I was ready I was shown into the treatment room which was HUGE with a gorgeous copper bath and old bricked ceilings. Seriously beautiful treatment room.

The first thing I had was a foot wash, in a bath with some salts and orchids – the therapist (who was fab) cleaned my feet and gave me a cup of Thai herbal tea (at the RIGHT temperature) then then the treatment began.

I had the Thai Herbal Healer treatment which begins with a Thai herbal poultice (which I’ve never seen before! See image below if you don’t know what it is) followed by a massage (1hr is back neck and shoulder, 2hr for full body but the lady definitely covered my legs and feet too).


Trust me I have had my share or TRAUMATIC treatments lately, so much so that it makes me wonder who pays to be tortured. This treatment at Thai Square Spa was just….heaven. I do not say that lightly. Everything was just right, the atmosphere, the therapist, also how professional everything was. I always knew what was happening, everything was explained clearly to me.

I was completely relaxed and soothed after the massage, it was the right amount of pressure – not painful but not so gentle that it was pointless. I had another cup of tea after my treatment and sadly, went on my way.

Verdict: I’m trying to think of a clever Thai pun but I can’t think of one. But this spa is totally worth a visit.


Thai Square Spa
25 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

Tel 0207 240 6090

Website – here

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  1. Jen says

    Sounds like you had a highly enjoyable time…the complete polar opposite of your last Thai massage experience lol The herbal poultice looks interesting! Thanks for sharing :)