Soothe your redness: Elemis Daily Redness Relief Skin Solutions Cream Review

I suffer from high colour (hi by the way, how are ya?) on my cheeks and hypersensitivity. This means that I get very red very easily; it can be something I’ve eaten, it can be a hot drink, it can be the weather, it can be using something new on my face.

Suddenly I go bright red and get very hot. When I went for my Bliss facial, the therapist said that was the first thing she noticed about me (how hot I felt and how red I was) so she felt that my main skin concern was hypersensitivity.

She recommended a product by Medik8 called Red Alert (which I bought, I will review it soon) but since then I’ve been looking for other products on the market for redness and sensitivity.

Therefore Elemis’s Daily Redness Relief Cream was right up my alley:


I am REALLY getting into salon skincare ranges, especially Elemis and Decleor (OMG the facial oil – amazing!).

They say:

Elemis Daily Redness Relief contains a powerful Anti-Redness complex of Malt and Polysaccharides of Brown Algae that helps reduce the flushed appearance of broken capillaries. Absolutes of Honey and Rose help desensitise and comfort red, blotchy complexions and helps reduce facial redness.



See the thing about the Medik8 serum I mentioned is that it’s quite light – sometimes I want something a bit thicker and really soothing on my skin. This is where the Elemis steps in…

This is very much a rich cream. It’s very hydrating and soothes any tightness or flakiness.

Obviously not everyone with sensitive skin has DRY skin – I do, so this suits me, and also I apply it to specific areas not all over my face as a day cream (although the name implies you can use it every day).


This sinks in nicely, but you do need to give it a minute or so to sink in before doing your make up. It looks to me, to have a slightly white-yellow tint – I am sure there is something there and that slight tint reduces the appearance of redness!

I use this just on my cheeks when they get red, blotchy and sore. For example, when I have used YET another product on my face I am allergic to. This was also a life saver on holiday where I got very burnt – instant soothing a million times better than any aftersun I had (but too expensive to use all over! Face only!).


I can’t say how this would work if you suffered from a more serious condition, like say, rosacea (Mr C just asked me if that’s a flower – no darling), but for my skin which is delicate and easily irritated this works a treat.



Nice cream I’d recommend for anyone who has dry, sensitive, blotchy skin that reacts badly sometimes.

This is £48 from Time To Spa. Not cheap, but I only use a small amount and only on select areas.

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  1. Giselle says

    Oh please please, when you find something effective for redness thats cheap, let us know!!

  2. Elija says

    Ofcourse it’s up to you, but please take a look at the parabens it contains, really not so little. I woudn’t use it just becaus of them…