Sony CP Blackhead Off Stick


I mentioned this product a week ago – I had the mild version for a while and gave up on it after a few days – I just couldn’t see a difference. But in the spirit of actually trying to clear up my skin properly, I whipped the luminous green tube out from the crapola tray, and gave it a try. With a bit of dedicated trying, I have to say my nose is looking a lot clearer, smoother and finer…

So when I saw a STRONGER strength version, I knew I had to give it a try…

The Blackhead Off stick is mady by Sony Cp but also Tsusruri – basically its from B & C Labs, Japan, which releases a ton of creative beauty/skincare products that I am so fond of.

These sticks are full of alpha hydroxy acids, and turns to a transparent powdery product that sloughs off dead cells to keep skin smooth and clear.

I recommend extracting first before using this product – hey, help it along a bit you know, then apply nightly.

Its a nice gentle alternative – my favourite solution, Silvara Blackhead Remover, which is A-MAY-ZING, but hurts sensitive noses.

The mild version is white, and the strong version is pinky beige, but neither leave a trace of colour on me. I had a perfectly composed shot but kitty just couldn’t resist joining in:


You can buy it on Adambeauty for around £5.

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