Sonia Rykiel Haul

Sonia Rykiel is a Japanese cosmetics brand (even though the designer herself is European) – its one of the higher end brands that can be a little tricky to get hold of and it’s priced a little more than the likes of say, MAQuillage.

I have a few goodies from Sonia Rykiel – a face powder which is just lovely, some lipglosses and a lipstick. I made a mini Sonia haul this week:


Lipstick in 07 – I am into reds at the moment:


This lipstick is great – I can’t say its madly unique though, but the texture and pigmentation is good, which is rare as most Japanese lipsticks have a glassy, shimmery texture.

I also got a mascara base and blue mascara (lengthening):


The base has that odd gasoline type smell I’ve noticed quite a few mascara bases having. It’s not very fibery and is similar to Shiseido’s base in texture. The mascara is just the oddest shade of blue ever! Like a denim blue! I was thinking it would be a royal or navy blue!


Amazingly enough, it looks quite cute on the eyes (provided you have dark lashes) and adds a little highlight. This mascara is very very very fibery and it did irritate for a while after I put it on.


It gives thin long lashes – but there is ZERO volume benefits here. ZERO. Great for fine, separated lashes but no volume and that’s a shame.

I also got another face powder as I love these from Sonia:

This is 01


A highlighting set:


The powder is lovely and soft, easy to apply and blendable. Together, it gives a soft highlight and separately, you get a matte lilac, a matte yellow, a shimmery white and shimmer pink. You can target specific colours (ie. the lilac for brightening, the yellow for shadows).


Overall, I love the face powder, the base is good and the lipstick is nice although red will never be an everyday shade for me. The mascara is odd, but I can imagine putting it on top of another mascara for a highlight.

If you get the chance, check out Sonia.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I’m desperate for a red lipstick at the moment. Though with a tiny little mouth, white skin (the matte yellow in the highlighting set looks like my foundation) and a little girl face, I haven’t found a shade I can pull off.

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      How about a true, pillar box red, or something sheer and slightly sparkly? Oooh I do love the Lip Fusion red plump lip colour as that is also supposed to help make you lips look a bit fuller too.