(Some) Women only wash their bras…6 times a year!

According to the Daily Mail, most women spend £2,700 a year on bras but only wash them six times a year.

bacon-bra-01.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x340 pixels).jpg

A spokesman said: ‘The extra dirt is clearly not good for the wearer’s skin as bras are fitted snug to the chest and this build up of bacteria can create irritation.’

You don’t say.

Considering the amount of bright orange women around I’d be surprised if there weren’t some very smelly and tatty bras lying around.

I stick mine in the wash every week – and because I can’t be bothered hand washing them they probably do die a bit quicker because underwires + washing machines aren’t the best combination. I also have about 30 bras anyway and once they get saggy, they go in the bin.

What about you?

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  1. says

    I stick mine in the wash EVERY week as well. That stuff is NEXT to my skin, for goodness’ sake. Gross…
    But it works out fine because I don’t wear wires.

  2. Libby says

    I saw on the BBC website(god knows why…) that Vivienne Westwood doesn’t wash her bras at all. o_0

    • Row says

      Hey Libby

      Oh I read that >< just dusts it with talc! Her bras probably last longer!

  3. says

    Yeah, now most of my bras are wireless so that I can toss them in the washer every week… (I only do one big load, so I picked those black brown beige ones since those bleached-white bras picks up the color from my other cloths…) my mom also gave me a polyester net bag so that I can toss those delicate stuff in it then put the little bag into the washer, that stuff is pretty nifty but I don’t remember where I put it now…

    The place I am in is pretty hot so I doubt I can “dust them with talc”…

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine

      Yeah it is harder when you wear underwired bras, they poke through after too many harsh washes. I have those bags to you can put them in for some protection.

  4. Li says

    I remember asking my mum when I was little why she washed her bras and she said cos breasts (admittedly big ones) were just like any other part of your body. I think I thought they were sacred sweat free orbs. I wash my bras every week too, especially because I wear perfumes, also I choose all my bras for their beauty and the idea of a skanky bra is about as sexy and unpleasant to wear as a smelly sock. Interesting topic. For the record I am with my mum now and she doesn’t believe the survey. And also, I must say I only spend £100 pounds a year on them on average – buying on Ebay, that’s about 10 topname bras. The wash bags are good, but I like my bras washed to Godliness and anything that stands in the way of that is a sin.

    • Row says

      Hi Li

      It could just be daft statistics for sure. Having said that I had a friend who worked at Marks and spencers measuring chi-chis and so many people have OLD OLD OLD grey bras that are fraying and loose and things. I think people do forget its just an item of clothing.

      I spend quite little on bras. I just get a few from ebay and when the ones I have now get too loose around the back they get chucked.

  5. says

    6 times a year???? can’t they smell themselves?
    personally i wash mine every week, and its particularly hot out, i hand wash them in the shower with my shampoo. every so often i wash them with white vinegar. works wonders!

  6. says

    Yes indeed it is absolutely gross – whats the point of showering and then sticking that thing on, dont they start to smell? Eww!

    anyhoo, yep i toss my bras in the laundry bin after my showers, daily, altho they do go in the wash all together once a week, im a freak when it comes to underwear i have tonnes of it, so yea, ladies who dont, wash your bras on the regs!

  7. anonyy says

    umm, am I the only person who washes their bras after a days wear? I just throw it in the wash with my other clothes, and they last for ages. And who spends 2,700 a year on bras WHAT the heck?!!?